What Is the Future of Crypto in Real Estate?

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Many see cryptocurrency solely as a digital asset with volatile price swings that can lead to massive gains. The reality? Crypto and the underlying technology that it runs on has far more applications than can be seen from a surface-level understanding of these alternative assets. If you’re looking to enhance your education surrounding real estate and crypto and how these two industries intersect, let’s dive into the future that these alternative investments play in the real estate industry.

1. At the least, cryptocurrency acts as a payment method for homeowners.

Cryptocurrency was developed for one purpose: to act as a decentralized medium of exchange for those who wish to have greater control over their funds. Although many digital assets are viewed as investments and don’t retain a long-term, stable value, that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be treated as currency. There are cases of homeowners who have made the decision to accept house payments in Bitcoin (BTC) instead of cash. That being said, this can be a big investment and risk for both homeowners and potential buyers scouting outhouses in the neighborhood.

To make sure that you get the most out of your crypto investing and spending, it’s best to brush up on your knowledge with a platform like Crypto Vantage. This authoritative and knowledgeable cryptocurrency resource covers everything you need to know from which types of exchanges you should be using to which types of crypto wallets are the best storage solutions for your funds. With a better knowledge of crypto and how it functions, you can approach these deals with greater confidence.

2. Blockchain has made fractional crypto real estate investing possible.

Traditionally, investing in real estate means going through a realtor to access properties for non-commercial use or commercial use. You may also decide to invest in REITs or crowdfunding campaigns to tap into passive income. With the introduction of blockchain, things are a bit different. Fractional investing through companies like RealT make it easy for anyone to tap into real estate investing without some of the disadvantages that accompany traditional investment types like those mentioned above (lack of liquidity, untrustworthy investment campaigns, etc.).

Of course, whether you’re interested in selling your house for cryptocurrency or buying one with one such company, having a deep understanding of the industry. Taking the time to find experienced real estate agents in your area (for example, Googling “Oakland real estate if you live in the Bay area”) can give you a better understanding of what buying and selling should look like when you work with someone who provides excellent real estate services. The more research you do, the better you will be able to navigate the real estate market over time.

3. Crypto and blockchain offer an honest solution to buying homes.


The process of buying your first home can be lengthy and difficult. Today’s homebuyers want speed, transparency, and greater access to property. These are all things that can be accomplished with the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain revolutionizes the real estate industry by logging all transactions in a single, immutable ledger, makes properties investments more liquid, increases transparency through fractional investments and decentralized networks, and offers more stringent contracts and terms through the use of smart contracts. Put simply, blockchain paves the way for a much more secure and accessible real estate industry that cuts out the middle man and gives power to buyers.

When people think of crypto, they often think of Bitcoin. What they forget, however, is that the underlying blockchain technology that powers this coin and others like it has far-reaching applications that can impact many different industries in a revolutionary way. If you’re curious about how cryptocurrency is impacting real estate, use the guide above to learn more about how it’s being leveraged in today’s world.


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