What to do during an evening with your friends?

carl raw dmc4sVdnSDs unsplash
carl raw dmc4sVdnSDs unsplash

Weekend is calling which usually means that nice plans also are calling. You might have some sporty activities planned, get to see your family and made some time to see the movie you’ve always wanted to see. Where the weekend is often associated with everything just mentioned, we must admit, the end of the week is also the best time to see your friends again! Although stocking cold drinks and nice food is not that hard, sometimes organizing an evening for friends can be a bit stressful: what if they don’t like your ideas? When it is your turn to plan the ‘’best night ever’’, read through our original ideas and blow your friends away! 

Prepare dinner together

It might be easy to make a big pan of pasta or prepare soup with some snacks, but wouldn’t it be fun and a great idea to bond if all of you prepare a dinner together? From low standard to very high-class, everything is possible. Why not buy all the pizza ingredients and everyone gets to make their own pizza slice? Or prepare courses in pairs and also ask if your friends buy wine suitable for the dish: chic dinner is calling! 

Themed party 

Invite your friends after dinner and make sure you fix the nicest music and attributes. There you go, throwing a themed party. How nice would it be if everyone is dressed like Mama-Mia, you play Abba the whole evening and everyone can sing and swing. Or, come up with a Las Vegas theme, and transform your home into the strip. People might play cards, do online jackpots and dance until the sun comes up. 

Dicing game

The holidays are often associated with being/coming together, gratitude and having the loveliest evenings with your beloved ones. But wouldn’t we lie a bit if we say that the holidays are not for presents? Organizing an evening where everyone buys presents for each other might be boring, therefore we have the perfect solution: the dicing game. For this, you just need to buy dice in addition to a gift and you are ready to start. Every friend buys a few presents, for a limited price discussed beforehand. All presents are put in a pile and the dice will be thrown. The rules are as follows: 1) Take a present but don’t unfold it. 2) Move all your presents to the person left. 3) Take a present and unfold it. 4) Move all your presents to the person right. 5). Unfold a present you have taken earlier. 6). Take a present but don’t unfold it. This game can be played for a pre-discussed amount of time and after time’s over, every present can be unwrapped and the negotiating can begin! 

Be creative

Surprise your friends with an evening filled with original games and activities! Use Your imagination and get creative to find your new favorite group game. Have fun!


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