What’s the benefits of 3d Visualization?

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What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is the art of creating digital art using modeling and 3D creation softwares. These can be animations, video, stills, frames, logos, renderings, or assets as long as they are built primarily using 3D software. 3D software is used in a number of services such as creating renderings used to determine architectural decisions or to show investors what a final product may look like. Nowadays, most company logos are made with 3D software as well as graphics like those used in animated films.

(3D visualization of a snowglobe -Source: Lumen and Forge) 

What are the primary applications? 

The applications for 3D visualization are endless due in part to the creative element that comes with 3D visualization. If it can be dreamed up then it can be applied into 3D visualization. A lot of applications come from the construction industry for the purpose of building a product to specifications before using precious resources. This is an easy method to show investors what a final project may look like and or act like before completing a build. 3D visualization is also used for the entertainment industry, such as in live shows or to accompany a musical set. A very popular use is during the Electric Daisy Carnival for a lot of the DJ sets. Live video jockeys can be used to enhance the production quality. Digital 3D visualization is also used in the creation of most assets held in the public regard, like Google’s new logo or the content in Facebook’s Metaverse. 3D visualizations is one of the most applicable tools to use for the design and creation of any content that’ll end up in the public sphere.

Where is 3D visualization primarily used? 

3D visualization is primarily being used in the creation of 3D assets used for companies, work, projects, or even logos, but it’s uses do not stop there. 3D visualization has been used in the formation of plans or equipment. What makes 3D art and work incredible is how many uses it has because all it takes to create brilliant one-of-a-kind art is an idea and the tools to see it through. We see 3D models in use throughout our daily life. A lot of advertisements within commercials, social media, or within the public realm use 3D art and animation as the main bulk of their branding. 

(3D rendering of a finished project for developers, investors, etc… Source: Lumen and Forge) 

How can this benefit you?

There are plenty of benefits to learning more about 3D visualization within the modern sphere. By knowing more about the workings of 3D arts then we are able to understand where more of our own media comes from. This also means that in the future whenever you need an idea brought into life without building it from scratch then you can hire the work of a 3D visual artist. Working hand in hand with an artist can make it so you can craft a very personalized creation that can be displayed or shown wherever you need it. 


Overall, the conclusion is that 3D visualization is an incredibly useful tool that we see a lot of in our daily lives. The use is left up to the imagination of the designer, but almost everything can be done or achieved through the use of 3D visualization. It is a much cheaper alternative to traditional designs as well as being able to show a finished product before it’s built. Digital elements run rampant through our lives bringing a load of benefits in tow. 


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