Why do you need to incorporate chatbot into digital marketing campaigns?

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With the advent of automation digital marketing, there have been many changes. And one of them was the introduction of chatbots, which increased convenience by achieving more in less time. It can be said that chatbots have proven themselves to be a necessary tool in this day and age.

Chatbots are exactly what a business should have, providing a helping hand to their customers by automating basic tasks. And with chatbot a perfect digital marketing strategy will be built.

Let’s understand the concept of chatbots

digital marketing campaigns?

Imagine you are a parent! From the first steps until your child is ready to step out into the world; You have to teach them everything. But, after a while you have to let these kids do their own thing. Similar to chatbot. You program the software with certain features and then allow the chatbot to perform its own tasks.

When you teach your children good things, they will avoid mistakes and make smart decisions. Similarly, if you program chatbot effectively, there is less chance of errors.

Why should you incorporate chatbots into your digital marketing strategies?

Chatbots are gaining popularity day by day and as businesses have begun to deploy advanced technology, of course we won’t accept to sit still. But the question is, how will chatbot promote digital marketing?

  1. Understanding the needs of customers

A study of consumer preferences for messaging has shown that nearly 46% of users prefer texting via phone and email. So, why don’t we take advantage of what users like? Equip your chatbot to answer frequently asked questions related to your product or service.

This is definitely a huge plus when customers can message you and get timely feedback.


  • Make sure your chatbot is as human as possible
  • Write in the language that suits your audience
  • Give chatbots a unique name and avatar to make customers feel more trustworthy.
  1. Potential customers are all what the business is all about

Investing in the wrong place, at the right time not only does not receive much profit, is a waste of time and resources for any business. If you think you will have to work hard all day and night to get those qualified leads, you’re probably wrong. This is the time you need to embark on the application of technology and build your own chatbot.

The best way is to integrate chatbot with live chat, ie chatbot will act as a real employee. Provide customers with the information they need including all the important information you want to send to customers pre-installed. In short, a chatbot can guide customers and help give what they want.


  • Create chatbot style to talk close, interested in customers
  • Design questionnaires based on customer journeys in the funnel
  • Choose to notify the administrator so staff can intervene promptly and close the application
  1. If you are selling products, you will make a profit

Chatbots can help your product sell itself! Simply put, you can just sit back and relax while your annual sales increase. Chatbot has the ability to interact with customers effectively. Even if users are new to the site, chatbots can help them choose their favorite products.

Many businesses have used chatbots to sell items by suggesting shoppers with some great options. This is an interesting feature that helps customers reduce surfing time on the site.In addition, brands can also influence their customers by polishing the coupon marketing strategy of the products they sell, which can help you achieve customer satisfaction.


  • Let your chatbot ask questions about age, gender, size and even your favorite style
  • Don’t give passengers the feeling that you are forcing them to buy
  • You could try combining a loyalty program with chatbots to attract more users
  1. The perfect user experience measures the success of a business

New research shows that more than 71% of consumers prefer personalized advertising. In the end, everyone likes to be concerned. This means that when a business is capable of providing a customized experience that can drive its sales in the right direction.

If you think the chatbot is very difficult to apply, then the actual chatbot can be easily programmed to collect data from users before giving them valuable suggestions. From there, the user experience will be more personalized, in line with the saying “the right person at the right time”.


  • Offer quizzes and questions to better understand customers’ interests
  • Address them by their first names to personalize the experience
  • Analyze your opponents to test new improvements
  1. It is never easy to understand the customer’s mind

There are things that customers are uncomfortable sharing with real people. This is the time when chatbots take advantage of them. This is the best step of the business to turn customers into loyal customers. No sensitive information is difficult to share; A chatbot can be a close friend of a customer.

Moreover, chatbots also help collect and store data for future needs. In this way, any user shopping model can be analyzed and customized to fit needs.


  • For chatbot to control the steering wheel, that is, let chatbot start the conversation
  • Make the style of conversation normal so customers can feel comfortable and secure
  • Design chatbots in such a way that you can find the reason behind a certain answer

Should remember

If anyone tells you that automation doesn’t make much sense, ask them to try chatbot. It is the present and future of AI that has the potential to make any business successful.

The current need is to leave the tradition behind and say hello to the technology in the form of chatbots. These advanced systems play an important role in automation as a major part of the marketing strategy. Get started today with harafunnel!


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