Why Should You Choose Swift to Build Native Apps? Keep Reading to Know!

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Why Building Native Apps with Swift 3 Makes a Lot of Sense?

When developing an iOS app, you must choose the right programming platform. Swift is a special programming language developed by Apple in 2014. Developers all over the world use Swift for making some of the best Apple apps. In addition, it is known to create error-free applications that run smoothly on most Apple devices. If you are wondering why Swift app development services will be good for your application, we have the answer to that. Keep reading to find out!

Why to Use Swift for Your Next App Programming?

There is more than one reason why developers globally have become a fan of Swift. Have a look below to know why:

  • Ensures safety: Leakage of vital data from apps is no rare case these days. That is why you need to choose a programming language that leaves no errors while coding. The more errors, the higher the risk of losing data. As Swift has gained immense trust from developers worldwide, you can stay positive about its reliability.
  • Easy to read code: If you have zero or less experience in coding, then Swift will be the right choice for you. It codes using simple English language, which is easily understandable. The programming language of Swift looks cleaner on screen and hence, is preferred over other languages.
  • Can read Objective-C framework: Developers often feel comfortable creating the framework in Objective-C. You, too, can make the framework there and then shift it to Swift.
  • Open-source integration: In 2015, Swift became an open-source community. It made it accessible to many unique benefits like adding special features, connecting the app with other applications, fixing errors, etc. The community also shares reviews with the developers about the apps created by them.
  • Easy to maintain code: This programming language does not depend on any other factors when maintaining its coding. It also does not require manual syncing like Objective-C.
  • Faster coding: Gladly, Swift is much quicker when it comes to developing an app. Other programming languages are not capable of delivering immediate results. For instance, Swift is 8.4x faster than Python.
  • Use the ‘Playgrounds’ feature: Playground is a unique feature offered by Apple. This feature had made the entire developing process much easier than before and added fun to it. Even if you have no experience with coding, this feature will make the work smooth for you.
  • Dynamic Libraries: This feature allows linking one version of an application to the other. It uploads all the new files of the current version within the older one. It is a job that requires the assistance of a brilliant programming language, which, thankfully, Swift is! The app will also get updated automatically with the help of the dynamic library. You can manage all the versions using just a single copy file, which is impossible in a static library.
  • Backup Feature: There an excellent backup feature offered by the programming language. The coding can be saved in the cloud so that it does not get lost later. Swift is also perfect for more than one back-end coding variety. Developers use this language to do both back-end and front-end coding. It is so because the programming language offered by Swift is better than JavaScript or Objective-C. Also, it comes with more overall reliable benefits. 

Final Verdict

We hope this article has helped you know why you should choose Swift 3 as your programming language. It is rated highly by the developers because of its safe and unique features. You can also try using Xamarin app development. To learn more about it, visit https://fireart.studio/xamarin-development-company-fireart-studio/. So, when will you launch your next iOS app? We are thrilled to know!


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