Why Traditional Marketing Still Counts


There have been so many changes in the manner that businesses conduct their marketing. Technology and consumer expectations have changed immeasurably, and as new media and the digital and online world has come to the fore, there has been a misguided train of thought that noted the demise of traditional marketing techniques. 

This article shows that there is still a space for the so-called traditional forms of marketing and why they are beneficial.

What is traditional marketing? 

These are the forms of marketing that are considered ‘old school’ today! The banner or poster, radio advertisement, leaflets, direct mail, text messaging, and pretty much everything that occurs offline – are the forms of marketing that are regarded as traditional.

Why these platforms still matter

There are a number of reasons why traditional marketing materials and methods matter these days, and those mentioned below, illustrate that traditional marketing is still a requirement for many businesses of all sizes.

Local Matters

The traditional forms of marketing have proven to be more successful than any other at reaching a local audience. The internet may indeed allow you to be found by anyone looking for your product from anywhere around the world, but it’s the local leaflet or flyer that does best at building a local presence, and getting your brand out there in the local population, community or neighborhood.

Less Time Consuming

The ability to simply run a print and distribute your branded material is a lot less time consuming than producing content on a daily basis to keep the online audience interested in your site. Online and new media may be what the more advanced and technologically-minded consumers require, but they also want your content to be fresh, up to date and evergreen. It’s a process that requires skilled staff and a whole lot of time to get right and keep it on track.

More Diverse Reach

You may not reach as many people by simply using traditional forms of marketing, but you will reach more different types of people. Traditional content cuts across all class, creed and cultural barriers. Anything with your brand name on it, is a means of making your mark and connecting with those who may not have access to the internet, or those who can’t be bothered to look for a service or product: they might not even realize that they need it, until they see your branded material in their mailbox! 

It is this very reason that professional political fundraisers use traditional text messaging on platforms such as Tatango.com – to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Using the full range of traditional marketing carries your messages further than any other means of advertising. 

Holistic and integrated marketing is the way forward

You can see now why traditional marketing is still so widely used. However, it must be noted that the internet itself is aging somewhat and could be argued to have become traditional itself! 

In conclusion, it should be said, that the best marketing will be the systems and processes that combine all the platforms and methods, as discussed above, to ensure that your business is found wherever your customers, potential customers, and competitors are found. The answer is to incorporate a holistic integrated marketing system that combines whatever your business needs. 

Always keep in mind that traditional marketing still matters.


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