Why we Building a Tutoring App Is a Profitable Business Idea?

brooke cagle g1Kr4Ozfoac unsplash
brooke cagle g1Kr4Ozfoac unsplash

If you’re looking for a new business idea, or are just beginning to explore the idea of opening a tutoring service for your community, this article is for you. On the surface, the idea might sound complicated and risky to start. But it’s actually one of the easiest and most profitable businesses that exist today. Check out our reasons why we think building an app like Techmint is such a great idea! The first step in any successful business benefits of online courses — finding what trends exist in your industry and understanding how they operate can help ensure that you make a wise decision as to which path to take when investing.

trends in the market:

Over the past few years, there have been a number of trends developing in the tutoring industry. One of these is an increased demand for online and remote tutoring of all subject areas, including both academic and corporate tutoring. That’s why Techmint is excited to offer Techmint Tutoring as our first service on the online courses website. We see this as a way to connect with students, provide valuable content and advice, and help students through the college application process. We want to help our students succeed by providing them with in-depth information, advice and resources on the subjects that they need to succeed in college.

The Growth in Online Math Education (preliminary data)

There’s been growth in the amount of available math instruction on the internet, which has been an area that many have seen a significant increase in demand for online math tutoring.

How can we bring the best tutoring service for our students?

Determining your market niche is an essential step in starting any business, but is often neglected. The following factors will help you determine the right niche.

• What is your target audience?

You’re going to figure out who you’ll be selling to and start building relationships with highly qualified prospects that they would be interested in learning from (ex: being a Math tutor). Providing them with an efficient way to communicate with you and schedule time-especially when it’s convenient for their busy schedule will help you build their trust and make them more likely to choose your service over the competition.

• Who are your competitors?

You’ll want to figure out what your competition is doing, and how they’re doing it and when you know more about them, you can do your best to gain market share by creating an app that’s even more efficient than theirs.

• What are your differentiators?

A big part of what makes Techmint unique is that we’re not just a platform teaching people-we’re also a college admissions service. This means that we bring value to our audience in two different ways: as tutors for academic subjects like maths and English, and as counselors for the college application process itself.

• What’s your value proposition?

Techmint tutoring serves two main purposes: we’re a database of highly qualified tutors who provide effective and efficient remote help to students, and we’re also a college admissions assistance service. These are the two main features that separate us from our competitors.

• How much does your target audience spend on your value proposition?

It’s really important to know how much your target audience spends on the things that you’re selling. It’s also important to understand how much of their budgets are spent on your value proposition, and what you could do to provide a better alternative for them.

• What is the addressable market for your value proposition?

This will help you understand how large of an audience exists for your business, and whether it’s worth investing in or not. This figure will be different depending on what type of business you’re doing-for instance, if you’re building a tutoring app, the addressable market is going to be restricted by factors like geographical location.


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