Why You Really Need (A) PET FOOD

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Your pets are more important in your life than anybody else. They are your companions, your best friends and can make you laugh when the world is a dark and sad place. But don’t forget about the health of those precious furry friends, who need food and love just as much for their well-being and can make it with a crofton food chopper.

1. The vet says your pet needs a special diet.

Does your dog have joint and hip problems? Is your cat overweight? Has he had bladder and kidney issues? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you need to buy special food for that pet. Your veterinarian will let you know what type of food is best for your pet’s particular problem, whether it be weight loss or something else.

2. You want to provide the highest quality to your pet.

The reality is that there are certain foods and treats out there that are sub standard in quality and don’t contain all the nutrients that can make a difference between health and disease, but there are also great choices as well.

3. You want to know what you’re feeding your pet.

Some brands offer frozen foods, for example, and some don’t. The catch is that you may not know the difference between a fresh food diet versus a frozen one. It all depends on how much of your own research you do into the product and whether or not the ingredients are recognizable names or if they are just a bunch (which is highly likely) of unpronounceable words that no one can understand.

4. You care about what’s in the food your pet eats.

Who’s kidding who? Of course we all do. But a lot of people will go along with what the store is selling, rather than what they feel is best for their pet.

5. You have concerns about the food your pet eats.

If you have heard that there are too many hormones in the meat of our animals and that they are getting sick and dying younger than ever before, then you should take action and avoid this problem wherever possible by not buying processed meats that contain unnecessary hormones, but choose fresh foods instead.

6. You want to choose organic.

There are many great reasons for choosing organic dog food. It can eliminate the need for vaccinations which can be unhealthy for your pet, and it may come with a reduced cost to you as well.

7. You realize that organic isn’t the only way to ensure your pet’s health, happiness and longevity.

There are other ways to ensure a healthy diet for your pet, but you may want to just choose organic food instead of opting for a full on holistic pet diet.

8. You’re tired of the constant display of commercials extolling the benefits of their so-called “natural” foods.

Yeah, some marketing is way overboard, but then again, some health problems are caused by bad diets and it’s up to you and your vet to decide which is worse for your pet…a few commercials or the possibility that your dog or cat could get sick from eating bad food.

9. You want to provide total health care for your pet with holistic medicine such as homeopathy or acupuncture .

Homeopathic remedies can help heal your pet with no side effects and acupuncture is becoming a very popular treatment for animals that need over the counter treatments.

10. You want to avoid the fear of having to put your pet down due to health problems that are affected by a poor diet.

And finally, if you’re tired of seeing your best friend suffer from allergies or other ailments that could be prevented by a healthy diet, then you should seriously consider changing what you feed him or her.

You can start off slowly by adding new healthy food in their regular diet, but if you start seeing positive changes in your pet’s behavior, then give him or her the additional food he needs on a better quality and through a more wholesome source.

11. You want the best for your pet.

If you want to know what’s the best diet for your pets, or if you want to learn everything about holistic pet care, then make a visit to the website of Dr. Pitcairn’s raw foods and treat your pet to a healthy life!

12. You’re in a rush and need help fast.

Why take cat food from the local store when you can have it shipped right away? At CatFoodDirect.com , they offer their customers with purchase of bulk cat food that they can use as a meal replacement for their pets that need it on higher amounts of protein and fat than what is standard in normal commercial dog foods. You can have it shipped right to your door and you get to select the flavors that you want your pet to eat. The company offers a wide array of varieties that they have picked up, most of them are organic and they also offer raw dog food.

13. You need a special diet that’s designed for a specific health problem.

For example, there are special care diets and organic diets for pets with joint or skin issues as well as special cat foods for cooking fish and seafoods that can help your cats or dogs learn to eat those types of meals if they don’t know how to do it on their own.

14. You want to buy premium quality food made in the USA .

The brands that you can find here are more likely to be able to make their foods from the best of ingredients due to having their own farms and working with farmers that provide the best of products. There are many manufacturers in the USA but not as many of them make their products right in the country.


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