You Will Never Thought That Owning Off Page SEO Could Be So Beneficial!


There’s so much more to SEO than on-page optimization. One of the best ways to boost your ranking is off-page optimization, which can be defined as activities that affect your website’s ranking in the search engines without modifying its content.

 The most common type of off-page SEO is link building campaigns where the goal is to build links between your site and other sites (link exchange). If you are new to web marketing, you would have only thought about on-page SEO. In case you own a website and wish to optimize your website for better ranking, read this article.

The first step, you will need to choose one of the most popular search engine optimization strategies. Each of them, however, takes a different approach and requires a different effort. Here are some of the most common off-page optimization techniques that can help you get ranked in top search engines:

1) Social bookmarking – 

This is among the simplest yet most powerful SEO strategies that can propel your website’s traffic through the roof and rank your site for high ranking keywords. Social bookmarking encourages users to share your website’s content with their friends by allowing them to place bookmarks on their personal websites or blogs. It works best for websites with tons of content.

2) Article marketing – 

As the name suggests, article marketing involves writing articles and submitting them to popular article directories and other relevant websites. The value of this strategy mainly lies in the relevancy of your content and its usefulness to the readers.

 Some of the top search engines are known for their love for fresh and unique quality content. You can get maximum benefits from this strategy if you publish articles related to your niche on a regular basis.

3) Blog commenting – 

This is a very effective technique with multiple benefits. Whenever you make a comment on leading blogs in your niche, it boosts your ranking in search engines as well as increases your site’s traffic. You can also use this strategy to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and boost the rankings of your website in search engines.

4) Write a blog post and submit it on relevant search engines – 

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of driving targeted traffic to your website, especially if you have a large audience. You can promote your blog posts via social bookmarking sites, but submitting them on relevant search engines like Google adds a significant benefit to the process. 

Writing blog posts that are highly useful as well as informative is another factor that makes this strategy profitable for you. In case you want to increase the ranking of an existing blog post, update it regularly and submit it on relevant websites. This will not only increase the number of links to that article but also improve the ranking.

5) Use press release websites to get linked – 

There are thousands of press release websites available, each of which has a specific audience. You can target niche blogs or magazines and request them to publish your press releases in relevant sections. Make sure you provide relevant information as well as an active link to your website, so that readers can click on it. 

As a result, some readers will visit your website and this process will eventually improve the ranking of your site in search engines like Google. Although this is a very effective strategy for improving your site’s ranking, you need to consider the quality of articles before submitting them on press release websites.

6) Submit your site to the social bookmarking sites – 

Social bookmarking sites are the best platforms for link building. They can help improve your website’s ranking in search engines by increasing the number of links pointing to your site. You can use a website like Socialbakers which will give you valuable information as well as backlink suggestions to include links in your social bookmarking profile. 

The bottom line is that social bookmarking is one way of improving the ranking of your website. Apart from that, social bookmarking is a useful tool for increasing traffic and promoting content, which will ultimately help you improve your search engine ranking.

7) Submit your site’s URL to blog directories – 

Blog directories are highly advantageous for SEO purposes. You can submit your site’s domain or any relevant keyword to popular blogs and organizations. Visit the sites of blogs that you intend to use as a source of backlinks and see whether they have a corresponding blog directory in their profiles. 

If yes, submit your site’s URLs in the related fields and click on Submit for validating the submission. This will ensure that you get redirected to the relevant page with a link back to your website.


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