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Essay writing is an important academic activity that involves writing short to medium or slightly long formal pieces of writings, most often dealing with a single topic. As a US student or international student studying in the US, you will find essay writing to be an integral part of your academic work. Essay writing can be a great experience for a lot of students while for others, it could be a herculean task, especially when it comes to choosing the right topic to write on. Interesting essay writing categories range from arts to business, communication, environment, family, food, health, sex, technology, sports, etc. Picking a hot essay topic to write on therefore becomes a crucial step in the essay writing process. Unfortunately, this is where the problem usually lies for most students. Owing to this, it becomes necessary to have an array of hot essay writing topics at your fingertips or better still, to subscribe to a cheap essay writing service for students similar to AffordablePapers.com. So, if you’re a US student or an international student that’s studying in the US who is having difficulty finding hot essay writing topics to select from, then read on.


Since essay writing is an important academic activity in the United States of America, it is only natural for a US student to consider writing on education, possibly before considering other areas. Hot essay writing topics under education include the following:

  • Should Richer Countries Grant Education Aides to Poorer Countries?
  • Single-Sex Schools: a Necessity or an Avoidable Evil?
  • Should Corporal Punishment be expunged from the American Schooling System?
  • The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the American Educational System. 


This is another very interesting area to write on. Here is a list of hot topics to consider choosing from under the health sector:

  • The Effect of the Covid-19 Vaccine on the Health of American Students.
  • Malaria Attack in Africa: is Prevention better than Cure?
  • Obesity Among the Rich: is it Really an Economic Class Disease?


Since language is the medium of communication and people communicate every day, it is only natural to want to pick a topic on language. Here are possible topics to choose from:

  • Language Barrier and World Peace: Could Having One Universal Language Break the World’s Language Barrier and Foster Peace Between Warring Nations?
  • Does the Method of Language Learning have an Effect on a Student’s Academic Performance?
  • Language Learning in Public Schools: Effective and Non Effective Methods.


Society is ever-evolving, and it is quite natural to get curious enough about issues of concern in Society. Some of such issues to write on include:

  • Is Overpopulation Endemic to Underdeveloped Countries?
  • The Effect of Poverty on Street Crime Rate
  • Gender Equality in the New Era: Should Equal Opportunities be given to all Genders in the Society?


Our environment is unique and ever-changing. Some hot, attention-grabbing issues bothering the environment to write on include:

  • Animal Rights in the United States: Is the Government Playing an Active Role in Protecting Endangered Species from going into Extinction or should Foreign Animal Rights Protection Groups take over? 
  • Natural Disasters in the United States: Is Man Playing an Active Role in Exacerbating the Onset of Natural Disasters, or can they be Effectively Controlled using Artificial Means?
  • Animal Rights in the Globe: Is it still Necessary to use Animals for Scientific Experiments? 

Economics and Entertainment

Sometimes, combining topics bothering on entertainment and economics in an essay could be a great way of pulling off an interesting argumentative essay. Here are typical examples of essay topics under this category:

  • Are Professional Entertainers and Athletes Truly Worth their High Pay or are they Earning too Much for their kind of Services?
  • The Entertainment Industry and the Nation’s Economic Growth: is the Entertainment Industry Worth Giving Special Attention to or Should more Attention be Focused on other Sectors?

Sex Education

According to Charles Ross, a professional writer, sex education is not just a topic in the school curriculum that must be taught to fulfill the need to cover the academic syllable; rather, it’s a topic of interest among the young minds, having the power to arouse a curiosity equal to or greater than the curiosity of a scientist in search of a new planet. Below are some essay topics you can write on in relation to sex education:

  • Should Elementary School Kids be Taught Proper Sex Education, or should the Subject be Reserved for their Older Junior High and High School Counterparts?
  • Sex and Relationships Between Teenagers: Should Teenagers be allowed the Freedom to Date each other and at what Age should such Freedom be Given to them?


Technology is the singular factor responsible for a large percentage of the world’s civilization. Naturally, you might want to write on technology. If you’re curious enough to explore the issues of technology in your essay writing, here are topics to choose from:

  • Is it Really Necessary to Explore Space and do Modern Space Exploration Technologies have too much Negative Impact on our Lives Today?
  • Modern Technology in Developing Countries: Can Modern Technology be used to Check the Incidence of Election Fraud, Violence, Corruption and other Social Vices in Developing Countries?


Being the basic unit of any society, it is not uncommon to find an array of interesting essay topics on family. Such topics include:

  • Should the Roles of the Members of the Family be Different in Relation to their Genders or should each Family Member be given Equal Roles and Responsibilities?
  • Should Family Size be Strictly Determined by the Parents or Should Government Enact Laws in Determining Family Size for the Purpose of Checkmating the World’s Population? 


Talk about a topic that comes with lots of tension especially as it can be used to influence thoughts and actions, and you’d be talking about religion. There are a couple of hot essay topics bothering on religion and its role in positively or negatively affecting human behavior. They include:

  • The Aim of Religion: Is Religion Really a Tool to Shape Human Behavior for the Better by Fostering Communications and Relationships between Unseen Deities or is it a Manipulative Weapon of Control?

There are no limits to the number of hot essay writing topics that you can write on. While choosing essay topics to write on, it is important to consider choosing the ones with the potential of arousing much curiosity from your readers and stimulating their desire to take necessary actions to effect positive changes in Society. I am certain that the above-listed essay topics, among many others, that you may coin out of your super creative mind would do just that.


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