How to use funny videos for marketing

funny videos

Some very Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut can be found on this site. Here there is the availability of funny pictures, videos, as well as gifs that range from all different topics that are popular in the world. It is a great site where people can post things they find entertaining with the world, keeping others entertained as well. 

Funny videos like these are enjoyed by lots of people and are thus available on every social media. Humour is used by most content creators and influencers to gain popularity as these videos get views faster than most others. Popularity is the main reason why companies try to use humour as a marketing technique. But it can be quite hard to do so. If a joke is delivered in bad taste and not in the right context, it is very easy to turn people sour. But on the other hand, if the joke lands and people find it funny, your company is bound to get popular. When a video is shared around, more people start talking about it and the name of the company is imprinted in people’s minds. Humour is the best way to get viewer retention and capturing their attention with jokes is a fine way to do it. It is important to understand how to correctly use humour to increase the customer base for your company.

  • The message- The message incorporated in the video should align with what you want your company to be known for. If this becomes a viral funny video, the voice and tone of the video will forever be associated with your company. It is essential that a positive image is retained by people through the video. Make sure that the humour is in good taste and is in no way insulting anybody. The undertone should always be of positivity even if it is a parody video. People online will talk about your company in a positive way as everyone appreciates goodness. 
  • Clarity- The products or services of your company should be clearly understood by the video. The humour used in the video should work for you. The best way to do that is by making jokes about yourself which highlights the advantages of your products. This will make sure that viewers know your company is lighthearted which makes you approachable. 
  • Relatability- Most funny videos are remembered by viewers because of their relatability. Make sure you portray the everyday struggles of an individual in a funny way and how your product can solve that problem. This level of familiarity lets your viewers know that you understand their problems and are working towards solving them while also providing them with entertainment. 
  • Memorable- Make sure that the video is attractive. Visual humour is a great way to do that. Incorporating funny animations and effects attract customers by making your video stand out among thousands of others. Companies tend to forget that beyond the tone and the actual jokes, the viewer should be entertained by what they are looking at as well. Make sure your actual video has some visual gags and funny moments, beyond the spoken jokes and punchlines. Using one-liners is also a great way to make people remember your brand. Choosing a witty and humorous line and incorporating it seamlessly into the video is a great way to make a video memorable. This line should capture the basic intention of your brand while also being clever and funny enough that people would catch onto it quickly enough. 

A company might want to be serious about their products. But there is no reason to not use humour for marketing and making people aware of these products and attract thousands of potential customers.


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