3 Good Reasons to Own Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Gold has gained a lot of respect throughout the globe as a store of value with a rich historical heritage interwoven into cultures since ancient times.  The precious metal is a reliable fallback for when other currencies lose value. Modern-day economies and financial structures still place a high value on gold therefore effectively perpetuating its value. Modern world currencies are no longer tethered to gold, yet it still dominates world trade. Gold bullions are widely accepted as a means of exchange.

Who Mints Gold Coins?

Many ‘modern’ gold coins in circulation have been minted before 1930 and are gold bullion coins meaning they have high levels of purity usually 99.5-99.9 %. The government mints many of the coins in circulation. The US federal Mint produces the largest volume of Gold coins in North America. The federal government has trusted and high-quality Gold coins. Bullions produced by the United States Mint are admired by both collectors and investors internationally.

Why You Should Invest In Owning Gold Coins: 

The value considerations for gold: Unlike paper money and other forms of fiat currency gold has not lost its value significantly in the last two decades. This means it provides better value for investors. Fiat currency is a government-issued currency that is not supported by any physical commodity but rather by the government that is issuing it.

 A system of nation’s fiat currencies has been in effect globally since 1971 when the then president of the United States Richard Nixon unpegged the dollar from the gold standard. Although the dollar is one of the world’s most important reserve currencies and the most demanded currency it can fall significantly in value. This was best depicted in the 1980 and the 2008 markets crash: in times like those, having 1 Oz Gold Coin still fetches a premium.

Have a wide variety of collector coins: When it comes to gold coins it pays to invest in quality. Coins acquired from the world’s most respected mints will pay off as investments. The price of gold coins does not directly align with their gold content, in-demand collector coins fetch a higher price. Buying your coin right now will ensure future returns many factors affect the value of a gold coin, these include but are not limited to 

a) Rarity of the coin – the scarcer a coin is the higher its value.

b) The age – older coins are thought to be more precious.

c) The Purity of the Coins- the purer they are, the more valuable they become. 

Increasing demand for premium gold coins thus higher value.

Investors are realizing the value of holding on to gold coins. People looking to invest in gold are increasingly using gold coins as their alternative. This has increased the demand for popular gold coins. The resale of gold coins in open markets has also become easier especially with the use of Hallmarking, which is a method of certifying the quality of gold becoming more accessible to customers. The internet and subsequent e-commerce platforms have made it easy to connect buyers and sellers. 


When acquiring your gold coins, ensuring the quality of your purchase is key to making a successful investment. Gold coins are a trending form of investment in the market that offers a safe but versatile form of investing. Gold coins are more reliable than assets like stock holdings and property. The time is right to own gold coins!


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