5 Modifications That May Neither Lower Nor Lift Your Car Resale Value.

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Many youngsters in NSW may get carried away about tweaking their cars often. Especially when they have made it their hobby, there may be no force stopping them. Still, we advise them to exercise some caution before moving ahead with the car alterations. Educating them about how the modifications can affect their cheap car insurance premiums may prove helpful in curbing their habit of undertaking frequent modifications to their rides. They need to know how modifications affect their car insurance NSW premiums and the resale price when they look to sell their cars someday.

We know adding a personal touch with a pinch of class and style may make your ride look and perform exceptionally. But not all buyers go for beauty or extra performance when cars function just fine without additional modifications. While purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, the prime concern of the buyers is usually affordable pricing and value for money. So, bear in mind no matter how brilliant your car modifications are, there are only a few people who go for it. You may have to trade your vehicle for a reduced value if it has extravagant modifications that are not on your potential buyer’s car needs checklist.

We have listed some subtle modifications that may not add value to your vehicle, but they don’t lower its value either.

LED/Laser/Xenon headlights

These high-intensity headlights enhance the road visibility and cut through fog better than the standard lights. They help you see further down the street and provide you with a broader perspective of the road. These lights also make your presence on the road more apparent to the oncoming traffic and pedestrians. They are included in many modern cars as a standard.

Sound system

When we say sound systems, we mean the standard set of speakers that are usually hidden behind the door panels. Upgrading these components may enhance the sound quality and not bring down your vehicle value. However, steer clear of additional speakers and subwoofers. We say it is a pricey affair to purchase them and have them integrated with your car, just as it is to repair and replace them. At the time of resale, they may add little to your car value.

Leather seats

Leather seats are a sign of comfort and luxury. If you wish to have leather seats in your vehicle, ensure that all the seats are replaced, not just one or two. Also, seek the help of a professional to get the job done, so they don’t look like shabby work. Having these seats may add a little more value to your vehicle, and if you are lucky enough the buyer may pay more.

Tinted windows

Tinted windows help keep out extreme heat, and therefore they are pretty popular in Australia. When your car professional has done a perfect job, these windows don’t lessen your vehicle’s sale price. However, they must be done with a legally allowed tint and not violate the modification norms.


When you need to sell your car and the tyres don’t meet the roadworthy standard, or they are getting close to being worn out, you may need to replace them. We consider tyre replacements a good investment in such conditions, in helping your car fetch a reasonable sale price.

With modifications, you must follow these rules – never resort to cheap car components/accessories as they will tax your wallet in the long run, retain the original parts when you get any vehicle component replaced so you can revert to it when needed, don’t make any alterations that you can’t undo, and don’t have any modifications that may pose a threat to the new owner or your ability to register and insure the car.

Apart from the above pointers, you must also remember, any additions, changes, or upgrades shouldn’t bring you new problems and your vehicle unknown road risks. Contact your car insurance NSW provider to know how some modifications may affect your cheap car insurance prices so you know what suits your needs better.


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