3 useful tips to make an informed decision about tyre buying

FM6 Oct 20

Replacing car tyres can be a bit difficult if you have no knowledge about it because the tyre market is flooded with different types of tyres, from high-performance tyres — higher speed rating tyres for performance vehicle to mud tyres — tyres used for extreme off-roading. 

Today, we are going to share a few useful tips with you which will help you make an informed decision when you are buying tyres for your vehicle.

Don’t buy cheap tyres 

Many people look for affordable tyres and end up buying low-quality tyres which are not durable and wear out in a few years. Thinking logically, these tyres cost more than high-quality tyres. What is more affordable, buying low-quality tyres twice in five years or buying high-quality tyres once? Obviously, the latter seems more logical.

Low-quality tyres use ordinary rubber which is prone to cuts and damage. Moreover, the tread in these tyres cannot handle wet conditions effectively.  

High-quality tyres can handle wet and dry conditions. Moreover, these are durable and the tread does not wear out quickly. 

Don’t get carried away

We are humans and we are emotional. It is easy to be tempted by seeing attractive and charming things. When it comes to buying tyres, many people prefer the appearance of the tyres. Some tyres have sharp tread patterns and aggressive look. However, functionality and durability are more important than looks. Don’t buy a pair of tyres based on their appearance. Here are some factors you need to evaluate before buying tyres:

  • What is your weather requirement? Does your city experience harsh winter or summer weathers?
  • On what type of terrains you drive on? Do you have an SUV which you take to rough trails?
  • What features are more important to you? Ride comfort? Durability? Robustness? Fuel-efficiency?

For someone who usually drives to work and needs fuel-efficiency and durability, all-season tyres are a good choice as they are less expensive, perform throughout the year and provide long mileage.

For SUV drivers, who drive on different terrains such as roads and highways, all-terrain SUV tyres are a good choice. Because these provide the best of both worlds, from the ride comfort on highways to the awesome traction on rough terrains.

High price doesn’t always mean high quality 

Earlier we discussed how going for cheap tyres can be a mistake. However, high price does not always mean high-quality. Some tyres such as mud tyres, high-performance tyres and winter tyres are expensive. If you need them, then you should get them. But if you don’t need them, paying high price to get a pair of tyres hoping that it will provide you high-quality is foolish. For instance, high-performance tyres are expensive. However, this does not mean that they will provide high-quality, last longer and will improve the speed of your vehicle. These tyres are designed for high-performance vehicle. Don’t buy them if you dont have one.

Assess your driving needs comprehensively

Before you visit a tyreshop, make sure you have done all the research properly. If you go without research, there is chance that you will buy tyres which are not ideal for you. If you own a 4×4 and you take it wild off-road adventures, then a mud tyres are perfect for you. These tyres have aggressive tread pattern which can maintain traction on rough trails. Moreover, the rubber is strong enough to withstand tough conditions and resist against chips and cuts. You can even buy the best light truck tyres online once you are aware of your driving needs.

Similarly, if you live at a place which experiences heavy snowfalls and extremely low temperatures then buying winter tyres can be smart choice. These tyres have unique tread pattern which can disperse snow out of the away and resist against hydroplaning in slippery conditions.


The key to getting the ideal pair of tyres for your vehicle is to evaluate your driving needs completely, so you can make an informed decision.


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