Know WiFi System Mesh Technology, What Is It?

allyplus 4
allyplus 4

WiFi is now one of the essential devices that many people need. How not, almost everyone would need an internet network via WiFi to take advantage of the device, ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, to Smart Home devices.

Fiber optic

However, not all WiFi routers on the market today come with a stable Internet network to reach the position of the device.

Interestingly, these two devices are claimed to come with affordable prices and advanced features.

The router company from Shenzhen, China, claims both routers are usually used for the large-scale sectors, such as hospitals, military, hotels, and several large buildings.

The need for package names for marketing for the router is always there and continues to increase because users at home and office will need a router to connect the internet with their devices from laptops, smartphones, and others.

On the same occasion, General Manager of Technology Tent Alex Yang, reveals what is the existing WiFi System Mesh technology in the MW3 and MW6 series.

He explains, the technology is able to cover the WiFi router kelvin and Range Extender whose position is always located in the most strategic place in the house and not blocked by thick walls.

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With the WiFi System Mesh, distance and direction or user position is no longer a problem related to signal strength. The installation method is also very easy.

Nova MW3

Nova MW3 is a wireless router capable of transferring data of 1,200 Mbps Dual Band Distribution (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with internet access capability faster and stable.

WiFi router is present in a package consisting of 3 interesting boxes that can add aesthetic value.

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There are also other packages that offer two boxes, it is able to reach a house area of 204 square meters.

This device also comes with MU-MIMO technology that can reach more devices and Smart QoS that can manage the bandwidth allocation for streaming video, games, downloads, and video chat.

Nova MW3 can support 4K video quality at 5 GHz frequency as priority access.

Nova MW6

The Nova MW6 is claimed to be able to reach a wider area again, ie up to 557 meters eprsegi with three units are activated.

This device is equipped with Wave2 MU-MIMO technology that can communicate with wireless devices at the same time, and Beamforming technology to strengthen the transmission focus to wireless devices.

By simply placing each box in two or three different positions, the three will then be able to communicate with each other to amplify the resulting signal.

One of the device boxes will be the primary node that connects with the modem and other cubes automatically and is free of configuration when enabled.

In this package, there are three devices that are integrated with each other. If the network in one device is absent, later there will be other devices whose job is to back up ,.


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