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Best data visualizations of 2021

The world is full of data, from census records to public polls.  It's been estimated that an average person produces around 4 gigabytes of data each day. 
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A comprehensive tier list of honkai impact

Olympus is an exciting, fairly new mobile game that many of you may not have heard of before.  It's a strategy game where you build units, fight against enemies,...
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Blogging at golden globes!

The Golden Globes hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is always a star-studded event with an awards show that has been going strong for 75 years.  It’s a...
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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Video Games.

The average video game player is no longer a stereotypical, socially awkward teenage boy.  In fact, the median gamer is 37 years old and happens to be female. 
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Gym equipments for home that make your home workout perfect

Gym equipment for home? Which one is best for you?  This anonymax.net/  have collected 14 common fitness equipment that can be used to do at home. We hope that...
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Make money through casinos online!

Once a lowly card game, casinos have since become a source of entertainment for people from all over the world.  The latest casino craze is online casinos--they're not only...
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Fashion Trends: Update your wardrobe for today’s fashion

Clothes and fashion go hand-in-hand.  Fashion is one of those areas where we spend a lot of our time and money on, so it's important to keep on top...
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Things you never knew about your favourite celebrities

This  anonymax.net/ shows the top things you never knew about your favourite celebrities. None of us like to think that the celebrities we adore and idolize might be anything...
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Solved- If Albert’s son is my son’s father, then what is the relationship between...

A child could be the biological son or daughter of one person and the father or mother of another. This raises a question:if albert's son is my son's father, then what is...
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Facts about Atlanta relationship institute

A study found that one in four marriages ends in divorce, and the highest number of divorces take place around age 40.  The bright side is that there are...
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