7 Easy Rules of O’Charley’s


You’re well aware that life is full of rules. There are traffic laws, the law of gravity, and even natural selection. For the most part, these guidelines exist to keep us from injuring ourselves or others. O’Charley’s menu is also very exciting.

But what about restaurants? Sure, we know that there are designations like “fine dining” and “casual dining,” but what about more specific rules for etiquette? O’Charleys has a few rules meant to make your mealtime experience just a little bit more delightful. Read on for 7 easy rules for ordering at our restaurants!

1: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please don’t bring children.

They have many families as customers and as employees, so no matter where you sit you’ll always have a good time. If you have children, there is a large selection of children’s menu items available for purchase. This also means that they sometimes need to ask that you please not bring children. If you do decide to give us babies, they can be sitting in an infant car seat!

2: O’Charleys are not meant for large parties or families.

O’Charleys only seats about 45 people at one time. On busy nights they might need to set up tables for parties of 25 or more if the wait is too long. Please be aware that many of our restaurants seat a maximum of 80 people at one time. Even on slow nights they might only have tables for 10-14 people. they do not take reservations at any of our locations, so please don’t call us to get on a waiting list. If you are bringing a large party to our establishment, please call ahead to see if they will be able to accommodate you.

3: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please don’t smoke or drink.

They are happy for people to enjoy a quiet conversation with their friends, but smoking and drinking on our property is never permitted. If someone is smoking, they ask that they please put the cigarette out and take it outside to smoke. When consuming alcohol at O’Charleys, please remember that while our bar staff is friendly and helpful, they are also not trained in first aid or emergency response. They have designated smoking areas outside of the restaurant for people who need to have that conversation.

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4: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please refrain from littering or leaving trash during your meal.

They are very happy to provide you with clean plates and cups, but please do not leave either on the table or in the booth. If you would like another plate or cup, please let your server know so that they can get it for you. If you would like to throw something away during your meal, there are trash cans located near the restroom doors. Our servers will be happy to clear your table for you!

5: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please don’t bring your pet on the premises (unless it’s a service animal).

Pets are animals that need to stay at home! If you bring your pet to our restaurant, they need to ask that you please leave it with a friend or at home. They do not have a designated “pet” area, so are unable to provide special services for your pet or help you to keep it clean. Some of our servers have allergies and cannot be around pets. Please respect their needs when coming into our restaurants.

6: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please don’t litter in the parking lot.

They have lots for our customers to enjoy, including playgrounds for the kids and a designated smoking area. Before you leave, please pick up any trash that you may have left in the seating area or parking lot. If you have a trash bag of your own to use, please feel free to bring it with you to use in the parking lot. Please don’t pollute any of these areas with your trash!

7: O’Charleys is a family-friendly restaurant, so please don’t feed our animals.

Many people enjoy coming to O’Charleys to enjoy our full-service petting zoo. They offer goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and other barnyard friends for you to enjoy. If you want to give them a treat, please feel free to bring food or treats with you when you arrive. they don’t want to encourage them to rely on our customers for food. They are happy to provide food for our animals and even sell various products in the gift shop.


O’Charleys was founded in 1972 by founder and President, Don W. Jordan, in Nashville, Tennessee. With the help of his wife, Molly Jordan, they built a pool table company that grew organically over the years into a national restaurant brand of casual dining restaurants. After nearly 40 years, Don’s son, John Jordan, took over the helm.

O’Charley’s Restaurants are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They feature full-service bars and dining rooms, with a wide selection of meals for both the locals and tourists who visit the city. Their menu includes a variety of foods for all ages, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


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