5 Advantages Of Loot Gaming


Learn with me as I explore the many advantages of loot gaming April 2017. Join me on a journey to find out how these toys can teach your kids to be more observant, solve problems creatively, learn in new ways and more!

Why should we encourage our children to partake in this hobby?  In this article we will cover five benefits. These include: developing attention span, honing problem-solving skills, encouraging creativity and more. So what are you waiting for?

The classic toys are gone whether we like it or not; they’ve been replaced with digital screens full of games that often keep children glued to the screen for hours at a time without taking a break.

Five advantages of loot gaming are:

1. Developing attention span

If you’ve ever tried to get the attention of someone who is absorbed in an activity you already know that it’s not very easy. However, if we encourage our kids to play in a way that allows them to use their imagination, they will develop their attention span. The ability to focus for extended periods of time is characteristic of the creative mind.

It’s never too early to teach our kids how to focus and deal with distractions. If you give your child a task, try not to hover around as they do it; let them accomplish the task without your constant reminders. But if a person can’t concentrate on one activity, how are they going to succeed in school? Or even just have a normal everyday conversation? You might have even noticed that your own child is having problems.

2. Developing problem solving skills

When kids play video games they only follow the instructions that are given. They don’t learn to think outside the box. With loot gaming, on the other hand, they are encouraged to use their imagination and solve problems creatively.

The toys that they use encourage creativity as well. There are no instructions on how to play with them; it’s up to them to decide how they wish to play with them. They have the ability to be as creative as they want because there is no right or wrong way of doing it. We need to introduce a different type of problem solving, something more hands-on. Kids need to learn how to make their own decisions, and use critical thinking skills. Loot gaming can do just that.


3. Encouraging creativity

Does your child ever really get excited about building with blocks? Or drawing? If they are like many other kids, they try it once and then there’s no more excitement to it. But with loot gaming, creativity is part of the process; it doesn’t involve playing with a toy that has been made by someone else.

The ‘Minecraft’ craze has kids trying their hand at both! Video games have changed the way our children think in ways we couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago!

4. Learning in new ways

Many people are saying education is dead and children are no longer interested in learning. In fact, many people are saying this is because we aren’t teaching them in ways that engage them. With loot gaming, kids are learning in new ways. They’re using their imagination and critical thinking skills to complete quests and missions.

With this, we need to equip them with new tools and skills to help them succeed in life. Loot gaming has been designed and tested with the goal of helping your child learn how to take responsibility for their actions, think and make decisions, problem solve, and more.

5. Being different

We use the term “loot gaming” as a blanket term that encompasses a wide variety of games players can choose from. I have grouped them into four categories: Fun, Social/Communication, Educational, & Entrepreneurial/Cofounder games. You can find more information on each of these in the video below.

For fun: Shoot ’em up games and FPS games where you have to kill something, or blast your enemies.

For social/communication: Casual games, MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), chat rooms and gaming communities – allowing kids to play with others from all over the world.

For educational purposes: Teaching a lesson in the game, like teaching your little brother about geography or teaching your infant about colors; even music and art lessons!

For entrepreneurial/co-founder game: A video game designed for players of all ages that enables them to work together as a team while they compete against other teams. Think reality TV meets entrepreneurship.


With the explosion of technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable computers, we are entering an era of ubiquitous technology. As we see these technologies in the world around us, it is important that we equip our children with the right mindset to make the most of them. The future of technology is not only going to be changing our lives in so many ways; it’s going to be changing how we educate our children.


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