7 Common Myths About Pandalee Gaming


PandaleeGaming is a company that makes games for the mobile platform. It has an interesting history and has endured many challenges, but it’s still going strong. Despite this, there are many myths out there about Pandalee that just aren’t true. That’s why we’re debunking the myths right now! We’d like to set the record straight so you can be better informed as a gamer, or if you’re thinking of investing in Pandalee in some way.

Myth 1: Pandalee Games Are Cheesy

It’s a common misconception that Pandalee games are all about pandas. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Pandalee has games for all types of genres and interests, not just pandas. And even our most popular games (Kung Fu Panda: Showdown and The Hobbit) are far from being considered “cheesy.” Myth busted.

Myth 2: Pandalee is Just About Making Money

Well, in a way it is… but not as much as you’d think! A quick look at the Panda Boardroom shows that we’re pretty consistent revenue-wise, with most months delivering revenue growth. Our quality games ensure that we have a steady stream of traffic, which delivers consistent revenue streams for us. But it’s not all about the money… That would be boring!

Myth 3: Pandalee Games are Made in China

We’ve been asked this question a lot, and it sort of sounds like an insult at first. But we’re proud to say that all of our games are made in Canada with the help of some really great partners. We’re able to work with talented people, who deliver high-quality features and graphics. If you want to check out our credits or have any questions about how we make our games, just check out http://www.pandalee.com/credits . Myth busted!


Myth 4: Pandalee is a One-Trick Pony

Some people say that we’re just trying to ride a fad with our mobile strategy games. To be honest, it’s hard to completely dispel this myth. But let’s think about it… how many successful companies out there do only one thing? Apple makes software, hardware, music players and even phones! Samsung has phones and televisions… even the mighty Walmart sells groceries, tools and basically everything under the sun – if you can think of it, they sell it! Pandalee is no different in this regard. We make multiple games for multiple platforms in several different genres. We’ve made games for both free-to-play and premium download options and we’re now branching out into virtual worlds! We’re a publisher, designer, developer and publisher all in one small studio. Myth busted!

Myth 5: Pandalee Is the iPhone of Mobile Games

When you hear the phrase “iPhone of”… what do you think? Do you think it’s something good? Do you think it’s something bad? Do you even know what an iPhone is?! Well… so does everyone else! This is a VERY common misconception when it comes to Pandalee but I’ll explain why that phrase isn’t really accurate. When Apple makes the iphone, they don’t make their own games. They license third-party developers to do that. Pandalee is like Apple in this regard, all of our games are made by other developers at another company. Myth busted!

Myth 6: Pandalee Games are Disappointing

First off, let me say right away that I love Pandalee games. I’ve played them for years and have grown to love many of the characters in our games quite a bit. And some of the things we do seem to encourage a sense of enjoyment from our players (funny social features and even custom panda suits). But let’s be honest here… sometimes we can milk a game for as much as it’s worth. That’s not to say that we don’t listen to our users and update our games regularly… in fact, we update our games more than just about anyone else. My point is that some people – even the biggest fans – might find the Pandalee games disappointing because they are familiar with a game and then it changes over time. This can be true for anything though, not just Pandalee… so I’m not sure if I can really put this as a myth because it’s not really unique to us!

Myth 7: Pandalee Is an Evil Company

This is another tough one, since I suppose you could say that ANY company is evil if you want to think that way… in fact, this one can be applied to almost any company in the world. I guess it’s just a personal opinion that I have here, but I appreciate honesty and trustworthiness… These are things that my customers look for in a company as well. Some of our games even include panda-themed contests where you can win prizes (dinner, jewelry and more) by completing levels and solving puzzles. That’s right… we’re not evil! Myth busted! 


Pandalee is a company that makes games for mobile devices… and that’s pretty much it! We’re not trying to do anything too crazy – just make great games that everyone can enjoy.


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