The Nauseating Truth About Julian Edelman Skateboard.


What is Julian Edelman Skateboard?

Julian Edelman is an American Football wide receiver for the New England Patriots. On September 17, 2017, Edelman “surprised” his fans by posting a video on Twitter of himself skateboarding across the Boston Harbor. 

Edelman Skateboard was instantly controversial. Some said that he had no business skateboarding in public. Other people said it was just cool to see him do something crazy like that and that they would love to learn how to skateboard too.

Features of the product:

– Hand painted and hand signed by Julian Edelman.

– Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Boston Sports Card of Julian Edelman.

– Limited edition of 50 Skateboards.


Dimensions: 4 x 11 inches – 15 x 280mm (skateboard deck) or 8 x 20 inches – 203x508mm (box). +/- 1/8 inch variance.  The actual dimensions are the same. This product is approximately 3 1/2 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches tall at its widest point, excluding the wood trim on the top and bottom corners of the box.

Design :

Hand painted by Joe Pascarella. This is the official design that appeared on Edelman’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

– The skateboard has a white background.

– The colors used are black and red for the name and for the Boston Sports logo.

– “Edelman” is written in old English style letters. 

– The Boston Sports logo is also written in old English style letters with a red outline and green fill color. It appears on a white inner circle of about 7/8″ (22mm) diameter set centered on the board.


– The package includes “julian edelman skateboard“.

– The package includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a Boston Sports Card of Julian Edelman. 

– The product appears genuine to people who see it or who see pictures or videos of it. 

– The product appears to look like a real thing. 

Disadvantages: – the benefit of having the box is less than its disadvantage: you can’t actually do anything with it. It’s just a piece of wood with Edelman’s name on it. (Sometimes there are shapes that can be drawn out, but at this point this is not practical for most people.

Disadvantages of the product:

– Some people would rather know about the truth than to be fooled. – Some people would rather not have a box that has Edelman’s name on it either because of the public controversy or because they don’t like Edelman and don’t want his name on anything they own.

– The product is controversial for some people. 

– The product does not add anything to anyone’s collection except controversy.


Though this idea is not new, this specific item was created by Joe Pascarella, the artist who painted it, and it was offered exclusively by him and only by him. There is no way for other people to obtain a similar product unless they can contact Pascarella himself. 

Disadvantages of Originality:

New products are often created and available shortly after the original. 

– Some people would rather have something that is not unique or different than something that is genuinely unique or different in order to be more attractive or attractive to oneself as a collector of things. – Some people think that having new products is more desirable than having old products.

– The product was created soon after the incident, which makes it appear less authentic to some people who were not alive at the time.


The product costs $200.00 plus $18.00 shipping (to any US address) and handling, a total of $218.00. 

– The product has been discounted to $180.00 because it was originally released at $250.00 and is now less than 50 in stock.

– The product has been discounted to $180.00 because the artist will not be re-painting it once he runs out of the 50 pieces that have already been sold, since there is no demand for them any longer (as of November 2017).

What Kind of People Would Buy This Product? 

-People who think that this product looks cool and want one. 

-People who want to buy something similar so they can sell it or trade it with someone else for something that they truly want, including more authentic versions. 

-People who think that Edelman should be supported by buying this product and therefore “support” him in their own way by buying one for themselves.

Is it worth the money?

Some people find it worth the money. They think that the product is cool or that they would like to be able to have something similar.

– Some people would rather have a real version of this product than just a piece of wood with Edelman’s name on it, even if they don’t know Edelman or hate him because it would be too controversial for them.

– Some people do not want anything that has Edelman’s name on it because they dislike him, are voting against him in the upcoming election, or are in other ways not fans of him in general and therefore think it is unfair to them. – Some people do not believe that this product even exists and therefore think that buying one is a waste of their money.


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