The Future of Electric Skateboard Hawaii.


What is electric skateboard hawaii?

Electric skateboard hawaii is a skateboard with a motor to help you ride it faster. It has been around for a few years and they’re getting more and more popular every day. This can be seen in the number of new electric skateboard hawaii videos on YouTube, social media, and other websites.

Hawaii’s electric skateboard company has been working on their design and there are three stages of development: pre-production prototype, production prototype, and production model. The company believes that their pre-production prototypes will be ready by the end of this year (2015).

Features of the product:

Continuous distance of 20-30 miles

Maximum speed of 14 mph (20 km/h)

Maximum weight of 220 pounds (100 kg) for adults and up to 120 pounds (55 kg) for children.

Number of riders: one or two. We have videos with one rider so far. However, in a few years it will be possible to ride by yourself. It will be great fun! You are the boss! 🙂


Battery capacity: 3 hours (standard) or 4.5 hours (grid).

Battery capacity indicator: red light on top of the board.

Two brake levers: one on the handlebar and another one on the seat. The handles are fully adjustable and they can be pushed back to get a better grip when pushing to stop. No need to worry about losing your balance or falling off the board!

The weight of the electric skateboard hawaii is 3 pounds (1.4 kg) for riding and 330 pounds (150 kg) for storage/carrying/transporting.

How is it made?

We use different materials to make the chassis (the body of the skateboard). Carbon fiber and a special honey comb are the best materials. We also use some plastic parts to reinforce the structure and make it look awesome! The powertrain is made of two parts: chassis and motor. Our design allows you to easily replace or upgrade the battery and motor. Battery upgrades will allow the board to travel longer distances. The battery charger is included with each purchase of an electric skateboard hawaii.

What makes it so unique?

The main advantage of the electric skateboard hawaii is speed. It will help you get to work faster and get back in time for dinner with your family. The second advantage is fun factor. You’ll be able to go for a ride by yourself or with a friend or family member and have fun! No more injuries from falling! You can also share the experience with your friend by riding together on one board.

How long does it take to arrive?

We hope that you will like our product, so we are already working on shipping electric skateboard hawaii as soon as possible after our KickstarterFundraiser ends (November 2015).

The cost of shipping the skateboard will be about $300 to $500, depending on the destination.

You don’t have to worry about anything once you get it. It’s plug-and-play! You’ll be able to use it right after you take it out of the box! We are confident that once you try our product, you will love it and buy one for yourself or as a gift! Thank you very much for taking time to read this article and we hope that our electric skateboard hawaii is going to make your life much more fun and exciting! If you’ve got any questions, please contact us at info@electric-skateboard-hawaii.

Cost of the product:

All electric skateboard hawaii are custom-built to order. Depending on your location and shipping costs, there is a price for the complete kit. Kits with a retail value of $600-700 will be available for $1,100 or about $250 per skateboard. The kits will be shipped after our KickstarterFundraiser ends (November 2015). They will be delivered in November 2016 or earlier if we can ship them before the holidays!!! The kits with a retail value of less than $600 are already discounted from $250 to $200.

Advantages of the product:

You will be able to do many things with your electric skateboard hawaii. Here are the possibilities: Ride in the park or on a beach to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Use it to commute; you can now go beyond your regular speed limit!

Take your own swimming class or try your hand at surfing. You will look cool and you’ll be able to tell everyone about Hawaii! 🙂

Ski tourist, hang-glider, motocross, or jet ski! It’s all available for you with this product! And our design allows for a lot of upgrades (batteries and motors). For example, we can make each skateboard travel 20-30 miles between charges.

Is it worth the money?

We know that price is a big factor for most people. This is why we offer very attractive offers for the first limited number of kits. You can buy 1 or 2 kits with a retail value of $250 and up in order to try the product. If you like it, then you will be able to get the complete kit with a retail value of $1,100 or about $250 per skateboard. The kits will be shipped after our KickstarterFundraiser ends (November 2015).


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