Iphone Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 8 Tips


The only thing worse than struggling to use your brand new Iphone is losing it. On the contrary, new updates like Iphone cliparts make it interesting as well.The amount of time you can spend trying to find the phone that’s deleted all of your contacts, pictures, and banking information is worth three months’ salary. And while it’s hard enough to deal with an iphone that’s already been activated, there are some things you can do beforehand to avoid these headaches altogether.

1) If possible, buy a refurbished phone rather than a new one. 

Refurbished phones cost less and usually have lower rates for service. If you’re not a fan of the color of your new phone, a refurbished unit will give you the same exact product from the same manufacturer. If you buy a phone from an online reseller, it will have to go through their external service support team and may not have their direct line to Apple. This is important if you have a problem or intend to trade in your phone.

2) If you do decide to buy new, find the phone that has the most memory. 

Most phones have 32GB of storage, but iPhone 5s has more at 128GB. The larger amount of memory will give you room for pictures, music and apps without having to delete anything frequently. More space means less likely that you’ll lose information as well as less likely that your phone will be reset while out of range. Keep in mind that phones with more memory are more expensive.

3) Backup your phone before you even leave the store. 

You probably want to use your phone right away, but that’s not a good idea if you’re switching from an Android or Windows phone. Have all of your information imported onto your new phone before you ever sign out of iCloud or Google+ on your old device. And give yourself plenty of time; this will take a while and there is no way to accelerate the process.

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4) Activate and set up your iPhone without connecting it to iTunes or iCloud immediately upon getting home.

If you leave the store and get home before connecting your new phone to the computer or iCloud, you will have more time to back up your phone’s information. Wait until after you’ve set up your iPhone on its own for a few hours or even a day before activating it and connecting it to iTunes or iCloud. This gives you room to test out how apps work and see if everything is working as it should without having to worry about losing any information.

5) Use a different Apple ID when setting up your new phone.

Most people have the same Apple ID on their Windows, Android, and iPhone and it’s easy to accidentally send an iMessage or text message to the wrong person if you have your other phones logged in. If you want to avoid confusion, use a different Apple ID when setting up your new phone. It will be easier to troubleshoot if you can isolate the problem to your iPhone rather than all of your Apple devices. Plus it will save you time when downloading apps because they will automatically be transferred to all of your devices.

6) Be careful when transferring information from a previous phone.

If you’re transferring information from another phone, make sure that any sensitive information is deleted off of that device before handing it over. Don’t transfer your old contacts and just transfer your pictures to your new iPhone because you want something that’s easy-peasy. All of the steps in between are the stuff of nightmares.

7) Link your new phone to a different email address.

It’s possible that you might accidentally delete your old phone’s information and then want to recover it. If this is the case, it may be better for you to write down steps you took so that you can do the job from scratch using either iTunes or iCloud. Plus, if this happens and you don’t have all of your old phone’s information, that could make things more difficult for you.

And finally…

8) Don’t update your phone if needed.

Sometimes upgrading an operating system causes trouble with apps or with iCloud itself. If your phone is compatible with iOS or any other operating system, it’s best to wait a few days or even a few weeks before updating. If you have any problems with your phone, this gives you the time to download backups while they can still be used. If this happens to you, wait for Apple to give the green light about updating your phone. You can read more about when it’s safe to update an iphone here.


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