6 Amazing Facts About Gumroad Ceo Substackkonstantinovic the business.


What is gumroad ceo substackkonstantinovic the business?

Gumroad ceo substackkonstantinovic the business name might sound like a made up company, but it’s actually the alias of the CEO of Gumroad, a software that helps people run their business online. Caleb Kissane has been running his daily operations as Caleb since 2011 and is currently worth an estimated $10 million.

Here are six amazing facts about Caleb:

1) He once controlled 500 domains at once with just one domain. 

2) He is not afraid to spend $200 for a domain name, which usually tops out at 7 dollars.   

3) One month, he was able to generate 5 months worth of expenses from one sale.

4) He once drove 4 hours to meet up with someone who ended up pulling out of the deal.

5) He owns 3 homes and 5 cars, all purchased with just one sale.

6) He decided to move his family from New York City to Silicon Valley, solely because he heard there were more business opportunities there.  As it turns out, this was not the case and they moved back to NYC after just a few months without even buying a home there.

These facts alone are impressive as is but you can imagine how big Caleb’s business must be. After all, he has had so many great successes already – helping businesses get started online for example.


Being a CEO, Caleb surely has some awesome business experience and insights. But before he got into the online business world, he worked on Wall Street for eight years. He also did freelance work for many companies as a management consultant before diving into the online space.


One thing to note about Caleb is that he has been involved in software development for most of his life. As a child his father gave him an Apple computer and this is when he realized that programming might be interesting to him. So instead of playing outside with other children, Caleb preferred to stay inside and learn how to program instead.

His father has been a programmer for most of his life and Caleb got to work alongside him. This helped him understand how programming worked and eventually he decided to get his own mentor.

He then moved to California in 2004 and worked for two years as a Data Base Administrator for a leading retail software company.  The following two years, he was the founder and CEO of The Zebra Men’s Apparel Company. He sold it in 2007 when he went back to New York City where he founded Stylegunz Publishing, which was the first in-house apparel company at Google before becoming Gumroad CEO.


The Gumroad website was founded in 2010 and has been growing at a very fast rate. All the way up to this point Caleb has worked as CEO for all of his online business endeavors. He started The Zebra Men’s Apparel Company when he was 29 years old and managed the business from New York City.  He then purchased a domain from GoDaddy and used it for Stylegunz Publishing, where it took him a little over one year to find similar companies that sold online apparel.


Caleb’s achievements as a CEO don’t stop at the success of his business. He also has big ambitions for other aspects of his life and this can be seen through his achievements in business, family, philanthropic efforts and more.

When he was a child Caleb wanted to open up a McDonald’s franchise. As it turns out he ended up living within a few miles from one in California where he grew up, but he never went in so he didn’t know what it was like to eat there. But when he heard about the company for sale that had two locations close to where he lived, Caleb decided to buy it with the goal of opening up one down the line when he was older and would have more money to invest.


Though Caleb is a very successful CEO, there are still many things that he has not accomplished. He wants to create an app that lets businesses host their own stores online where customers can see and purchase everything they want. He also wants to be the first country to install solar panels on every roof in the United States. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Caleb also wants to start flying airplanes and master making his own energy source through solar fusion in 2045. If he does all of this he will most likely just live to be about 100 years old.

Caleb Kissane is not only a very successful CEO, he is also an inspiring entrepreneur. He managed to find a way to make it big in the online marketplace and make millions from it but he has other great ideas in mind as well. His company Gumroad is making him a lot of money and in time, it will continue to make him even more.  But still Caleb has big plans for life after Gumroad and these goals might just be about things we can’t imagine now.


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