8 Mesmerizing Examples Of High Quality Backlinks


It’s one of the most important aspects in search engine optimization and it can be extremely difficult to get high quality links. But we’ve hand-selected 8 examples of what might be considered high quality backlinks, and we break down how they look and the reasons why they might be considered high quality.

This blog post is not focused on selling link building packages, but instead it looks at the different criteria for what constitutes a high quality backlink, and then gives 8 examples of such links.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is an inbound link from another site on the same domain to a target website. It can be considered a signal about the strength of an authority of a site using that link.

Here is a comprehensive list of 8 Mesmerizing Examples Of High Quality Backlinks :

1. Backlinks from .edu or .gov

These are the official domain extensions of educational institutions and official government portals. You can find them at the end of a URL address, in this format: example.edu or example.gov.

A backlink from such domains is considered very high quality because it’s not only a link, but also a seal of approval which vouches for the credibility & quality of your site. If you get such links, they are usually hard to get and come at a price.

2. Backlinks from Wikipedia

What can you say about the most comprehensive and authoritative database on the Internet? It seems like if the owner of a website is wikipedia related, they will be considered as a high authority & high quality backlink. There are many other domains which have a relationship to wikipedia, but we’ll stick to Wikipedia.

3. Backlinks from WordPress Blogs & Websites

A lot of blog owners use WordPress as their content management system. When you have a WordPress website, it’s likely that you will get some quality backlinks from authoritative websites who use WordPress as well! This has been true for years and probably will continue to be true in years to come.

4. Backlinks from Facebook

This has to be the most popular social media platform. Facebook as a link source is widely seen as high quality because it’s a widely used website and there are many websites that use it for their website content. The fact that it has been around for so long is also an important factor, along with the amount of users on it and its popularity.

5. Blog Comment Links from Blogs & Websites

It’s one of those links which can change your life if you have a blog or website, and that leads to getting high quality backlinks in the future. In a nutshell, you write a commentary on an interesting post or article on another site, and then you request the owner of that website to publish it as a guest article. If they do, great! And the backlink is a bonus.

6. Backlinks from Websites with Dofollow Links

While it’s not a rule for all websites with dofollow links, you can get quality backlinks from them too. It all depends on how authoritative such sites are and how many links they have from domains that are considered high authority.

7. Links from Social Media Profiles

It’s not just a website, but it’s also a social media network. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and is used on a huge scale. People use it to share their thoughts & ideas and more importantly, commercial content like products and services. If you get backlinks from Facebook profiles – they can be considered high quality as well.

8. Backlinks from Wikipedia Contributors List

While this page isn’t the Wikipedia homepage, it has a list of many contributors who wrote articles or edited entries on the website. It’s just another way of getting a Wikipedia backlink from Wikipedia itself, and it’s also free.

These are some of the ways in which a website owner can get a high quality backlink from a website that’s considered high authority and high quality. These are only 8 examples, but I’m sure there are many more to be found out there as well.

But there’s one important thing to note here: quality is not 100%. There is no point in getting a backlink if it doesn’t pass the quality criteria. Even if you get an authoritative backlink, it can be useless if your site isn’t good enough and not providing value to your readers or web visitors.


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