8 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About POSITIVITY

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It’s time to banish forever the idea that positivity is an unachievable, unattainable goal. You’re going to learn ten secrets about positivity like hummingbird poems and quotes that will show you how to incorporate it into your life in a way that won’t make you feel like a member of a cult.

Positivity means different things for different people, so we won’t be able to fit all the definitions in this post (and frankly, it would be too long). This article will give you the positive basics though so that when you think of positivity from now on you know what we are talking about.

8 secret things you didn’t know about positivity are:

1. You give yourself permission to feel negativity. 

It sounds silly and backwards that you would even need to give yourself permission to feel negativity. But it’s true. As humans, we have a natural tendency to try to suppress our negative feelings. There is still so much of the world around us that is negative. You say to yourself, you know what? When I feel that way, it might as well be true. Who cares anyway? Like all of us do, we get upset sometimes, but you don’t have to let those feelings keep you from your goals.

2. You know the difference between ‘shoulds’ and ‘haves’. 

Focusing on the negative and keeping track of how many “shoulds” or “coulds” you give yourself is a waste of time because there is always a solution for your problems if you work hard enough at finding it. There are no excuses for laziness or inefficiency, so don’t waste your time complaining about stuff that doesn’t matter anyway. Focus on the good things and always look for solutions. Look at the big picture, not just small details.

3. You are what you think most of the time. 

You are mostly positive, but sometimes you are negative. When you realize this, you can work on it and start believing in yourself. Positive people get what they want in life because they believe they will, even when others don’t. How often do you allow your thoughts to be filled with negativity? If you constantly feed yourself with thoughts that make your life look worse than it is, that’s exactly how your life will feel to you.

4. You know failure isn’t an option, only temporary setbacks are. 

You are realistic about how things work in life and know that any obstacle or setback is only temporary if approached the right way. That is, you are willing to give something a chance instead of being negative and bitter about it. 

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5. You surround yourself with positivity. 

You know the difference between what’s good for you and what’s bad for you. When somebody brings up something that could potentially be bad or unhelpful for you, it’s not just a mirror of reality because it doesn’t have to be, but also part of your life and part of the things you have to deal with in order to reach your goals. You sometimes give people the benefit of the doubt and make allowances for their errors or bad choices.

6. You never justify your failures or shortcomings. 

You don’t talk yourself into thinking that something is true just because everyone else believes it is, or that you have to live up to some impossible standard. There is a difference between opinions and facts, remember that if you ever go to court for a lawsuit or have problems with somebody else’s behavior. Your own self esteem isn’t based on what other people think about you, but on your own sense of worthiness to be honest.

7. You are the boss of your own mind. 

You don’t let people control your behavior through guilt or threats, and you understand how to use positive thinking to set goals that you can achieve. You know how to make yourself a goal when you don’t accomplish it, instead of letting people frustrate you or drain morale by focusing on how great life was before your failures.

8. You think in long-term instead of short-term goals. 

Your goals are attainable and based on long term thinking that takes into account what is best for everyone involved, instead of just your own ego or the emotions stirred up by others’ demands and expectations that seem unreasonable to you at first glance.


You’re almost there. Now you can think about what it really means to have a positive outlook on life, and how this will affect your personal life, career, and society at large. You’ll find that your sense of optimism will carry over into everything else in your life, making you a happier person who is respected by those around you.

If you finish this article feeling like some kind of guru, that’s good because we want you to feel better about yourself and others when they talk to you. The truth is that having a positive outlook doesn’t mean that you have to be unrealistic or insincere just to make other people happy or live in an illusion.


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