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The FFXIV coin system is a purely in-game currency, with no real world value. 

FFXIV coins are only obtainable by doing things in the game. 

The most common way to get coins are through quests or minigames.

Coins can be used to purchase items from the regional vendors, 

which cost more than they would if obtained normally by playing the game “in-world”. 

The price of an item is based on its region and tier in relation to the player’s rank. The vendor will not sell items if you do not meet the region and tier requirements.

Coins can also be used to purchase past event currency from Mog Station.

The system was introduced with version 1.18, released on April 14, 2012, and replaced the Gil system of Final Fantasy XI.

The price of equipment, materia and consumables is not affected by the regional restrictions. 

Event currencies are not affected by regional restrictions either.

 The only items that are affected by the regional restrictions are items for hire

 (items that can be purchased from venders such as Moogle, Red Mage and other vendors).

There is a limit to the amount of FFXIV coins a player can have. 

Once the cap is reached, players will no longer be able to purchase items from either venders, or from Mog Station. 

This cap is approximately 100 million FFXIV.

This list includes:

At any given time, players can donate:

FFXIV has two main currencies known as “Coins” and “Golds”. 

There are also fragments which can be obtained by several methods such as defeating monsters and completing quests.

According to the patch notes, the new currency system will be rolled out over time. 

From what it looks like, there are two currencies with unclear purpose, 

but one of them will most likely be rewarded after completing achievements. A list of rewards found in patch notes is below:

The process for obtaining the reward will be as follows:

The system was introduced with version 1.18, released on April 14, 2012.

 The general idea behind it is that players can only obtain an amount equal to one-fifth of their available inventory per day.

 To prevent players from obtaining more than the allowed amount they must deposit their excess currency into storage. 

Upon logging in, the corresponding amount of currency will be extracted from the inventory.

However, players can obtain additional Gil if they have saved up more than the 5x day limit, but it costs real money to do so.

Square Enix has established a quarterly schedule for their seasonal hot fixes for FFXIV. 

Each season usually spans over 3 months with additional time allotted for testing and maintenance. 

According to official statements, each season’s content is created during the previous season and implemented by the start of the next season.

 This process gives them an opportunity to preview new ideas and implement adjustments

 if necessary before releasing them into service at full capacity.

 The company also ensures that there are no major content patches or installments during scheduled maintenance times. 

Patches may occur at any time during a season,

 so the company recommends that players set their calendar reminders to alert them when a patch is available.

During the winter 2013 holiday, 

Square Enix announced that they would be focusing on content development in order to help reduce costs for FFXIV. 

The company noted that it would be difficult for them

 to allocate sufficient time and resources to develop new content

 when they must allocate sufficient time and resources for maintenance and software updates in order to continue support.

 With this in mind, Square Enix announced that the length of each season would be shortened to two months.

 This announcement also indicated that content development would halt during maintenance time; ffxiv manufactured coin

 however, it was later discovered that the contents of the patches would be reviewed.

Beta testing for “Final Fantasy XIV” began on May 22, 2011 and ran until September 30, 2011. 

The game became available for open beta testing on September 29, 2011 and released on November 11 in North America and Europe. 

A Realm Reborn’s version 1.0 was released on August 27, 2013. The game entered open beta on May 19, 2015.

These are the themes for the main 5-man dungeon raids in “A Realm Reborn”, “XIV”s version 1.0.

 The first three are introduced at launch, while the latter two are given to players who purchase the Collector’s Edition of “A Realm Reborn”.

The theme for FATEs is determined by that season’s primary FATE theme. 

The first three FATES themes are introduced at launch, with the last two being given to players who purchase the Collector’s Edition of “A Realm Reborn”.

Similar to the FATE themes, there are five main FATE events in the game. 


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