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Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) is the world’s largest business publishing enterprise, 

with over 3,000 employees serving over 5,000 clients across the globe. harvard business publishing

HBP has two primary goals: to help executives and entrepreneurs grow businesses; and to fulfill 

Harvard’s educational mission through business publications that provide evidence-based insights into how leading firms do what they do.

We pride ourselves on our innovative publishing solutions that drive traffic to

 the Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSPub), HBR Online (,

 Fast Company Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine (,

 Management Today Magazine (Management Today). 

HBP also offers custom publishing, including books, reports, webinars, videos, magazines and ebooks. 

over 30 offices worldwide in key business centers in North America, Europe and Asia. HBP serves clients in 65 countries. 

Through its global channels of distribution with offices in more than 50 countries, 

HBP helps clients reach the largest global market of executives by providing

 the best research with industry-recognized expertise to focus on their most important issue—how they grow their businesses.

 HBP has an extensive network that includes global digital channels, print media, events and online newsletters. 

We believe one of the greatest assets we have is our strong worldwide offices and the regional specialists 

who work closely with our clients to provide comprehensive solutions.

HBP was created after Harvard acquired Febiger Incorporated, 

which published several business magazines starting in 1947 under the name Harvard Business Manager

The first business magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing was Harvard Business Review (HBR),

 which started publishing in Harvard’s Nieman Lab in 1946 as “A Journal of Applied Economics”. 

Today, the HBR has a readership that is over 40,000 strong/yr).

 The HBR was created by Harvard Business School students with the help of an internal grant. 

The HBS professors had no involvement in the beginning of HBR.

 The first mention of the journal appeared in the 1949-50 catalog as “A Journal for Practical Applications.”

 With more than 50 years of experience behind it, the journal has become one of the foremost business publications worldwide,

 providing evidence-based insights into how leading firms do what they do.

HBP’s biggest series is its line of Education Guides that have helped over 1 million executives 

and entrepreneurs understand key issues related to running their firm. 

The guides include studies on leadership, business strategy, finance, operations and more. 

Since 2005, over 100 guides have been published. 

In 2010, HBP published a study on the Brand Trust Index that looked at the trust of brands across several industries. 

In 2011, HBP hosted a Leadership Conference in San Francisco where top executives from MasterCard, Capital One, 

Twitter and others discussed ways to thrive in a rapidly changing world. In 2012, Harvard Business School Publishing acquired “Fast Company,” 

a leading American business magazine.

Harvard Business Publishing is also the publisher of business books and digital magazines including:

In addition to its own titles, Harvard Business Publishing is part of the CIO Group ,

 one of the largest publishers of technology titles in the world with more than 300 publications serving 30+ industry verticals. 

HBP is also affiliated with the Digital Business Group, a technology and media publishing network.

In 2015, Harvard Business Publishing acquired contents from the September Group to create Harvard Business Review Press (HBPR). 

HBPR offers expertise in three areas: strategy; innovation; and leadership. 

The company publishes business books, digital magazines and online articles.

Harvard Business Publishing has made much of its content available for free:

“Fast Company” relaunched in December 2012 as a global digital brand led by Global Editor in Chief (GC) Joe Pompeo,

 Executive Editor Noah Robischon and Chief Revenue Officer Frank Gruber. HarvARD Business 

Publishing offers a range of services from custom content creation to events, from media distribution to PR and marketing strategies.


Gregory Soria

Vice President / Publisher, Harvard Business Review

[email protected]

Tel: +1-617-432-0227

“Fast Company” is a global media company that produces high-quality digital magazines

 as well as events and conferences for businesses and professionals.

 In addition to its editorial content,

 the company offers business solutions including content strategy consultations, strategy reports, videos and workshops about digital marketing.

 Fast Company’s books have been published in over 15 languages from around the world.

In June 2012, “Forbes” announced that the magazine would be rebranded as “Fast Company.”


Frank Gruber

Chief Revenue Officer, Fast Company Media Group

[email protected]

Tel: +1-646-844-8433

Harvard Business Publishing began a joint venture with ADP in

 January 2010 to create a global digital media brand dedicated to accelerating financial success for the world’s leading companies.

 The pair has committed to invest up to $100 million over five years to develop new magazine and website content for executives and managers at large enterprises.

ADP’s HBR Focus Today is a daily business news digest created specifically for executives in large organizations. It is available online, via e-mail or on tablets. 


Joe Landon

Vice President, Business Development, ADP & HBR Focus Today

[email protected]


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