Salaries of president, vice president and other officials

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Do you know what the president’s salary is, or how many vice presidents there are? 

Here’s an explanation of the salaries of top government officials

What are top-level government officials paid in the USA?

The President’s income is set at $400,000 per year, but he can make more through his investments.

Vice Presidents don’t actually get any salary other than their federal pension.

 However they are compensated for living expenses when they are serving as President or Vice President.

 For example, Al Gore has taken home over $1 million since leaving office in 2001 just because he lived near Washington D.C.

The President of the United States gets $400,000 per year.

The Vice President gets $230,700 per year.

However, this salary has not increased since 1999. 

The salary has not increased since 1999 while the cost of inflation has risen by 30 percent since then. 

There is no reason given for not raising their salaries through Congress or about not having any arguments that it should be lowered. 

The salaries are especially low when compared to other government officials like Senators and Cabinet members (who get paid much higher). 

However it must be noted that Vice Presidents receive additional income for 

any time they act as President or get to use the Vice Presidential residence in Washington D.C.. 

This allows the Vice President to live comfortably during his time as Vice President because he can double dip on his payments.

There are ten people who are paid the salary of president or vice president. 

Of those, five are members of Congress, three are Cabinet members, one is an ambassador, and one is a Supreme Court Justice. 

Some might wonder why the Senate President Pro Tempore does not receive this salary or 

whether it could be reduced since that would allow him to take a job with a private firm.

 The reason that Congress argues that this position should not receive this rate is due to its way it is used in Congress. 

This person is often asked to give an opening speech in the Senate when needed to be done. 

This person also presides over mid-term congressional elections in the United States.

 It is generally accepted that this person should not receive a salary to do these things.

The salaries of members of Congress are much lower than other government officials, 

unlike the President and Vice President who get paid much higher than other government officials.

 The salaries range from $174,000 per year for rank and file lawmakers to $1 million per year for Senators. 

The salaries of members of Congress were cut by $95,000 in 1997 and by another $30,000 per year over the following 4 years.

 It is now the same as those paid to Cabinet officials. 

These people may also receive additional income from their home-state governments

 if they happen to be from a state that is run by a party that has control of both houses of its government.

Cabinet members, like other members of the executive branch, are paid an annual salary 

that ranges from $193,000 to $276,500 depending on their level.

 However this salary does not represent their actual responsibilities. 

They receive a variety of goods and services from the government to help them run their departments.

 These goods and services range from office expenses, to cars, drivers, employees, travel funds, and entertainment funds.

 Some members of the president’s cabinet have a much higher salary than these amounts 

because they do outside work for companies that have business with their departments. 

They are allowed to do this as long as their employment does not conflict with the public’s perception of

 what they stand for (Example it would be difficult for a Secretary of Labor to support companies that use child labor). 

This allows them to make over $1 million per year.

The salaries of Supreme Court justices, ambassadors, and other government officials are not widely discussed or released.

 It is also widely assumed that Supreme Court justices should receive the salary of other high-ranking federal officials. 

However it is possible that they are paid much less because their duties are solely judicial. 

Supreme Court justices are expected to decide political disputes for this country but

 do not have any power or authority in national affairs outside of this court. vice president salary

They do not get involved in politics,

 so they do not have to worry about having people who want them to take specific stances on issues so they can be voted in or out of office. 

Therefore, they can afford to live comfortably without having to worry about whether their pay will change with the times.


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