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Perception what we experience in our environment.

Perception is the ability to discern, interpret, interpret, and interpret an object’s appearance. Perception is the ability to identify and/or understand a situation or situation’s meaning.
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10 Best Riddles for Kids and Adults

Riddles can get a little dull when too many of them are asked in a row.  And the ones that come from riddle books get old, because no matter...
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what happens to real estate in a recession?

A housing crisis tends to arise in a recession as many homeowners look to get out of the market for various reasons.  In economic downturns like 2008, the U.S....
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Detailed information about dnd health calculator

I'm sure you've seen or heard about the D&D health calculator from various gaming sites. This is a great tool for players.  It lets you track everything from your...
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Salaries of president, vice president and other officials

Do you know what the president's salary is, or how many vice presidents there are?  Here's an explanation of the salaries of top government officials.  What...
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Earth’s geographic and magnetic axes are oriented at a slight angle to each other

The Earth’s geographic axis is inclined at an angle of about 23.5° with respect to the orbital plane.  The Earth’s magnetic field is also tilted at an angle but...
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Kasatha names meanings and ideas

There are many different legends about the names of the Kasatha,  but it is generally believed that their first names were given to them by others, and they do...
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Who You Call Ugly in Middle School Says About Your Personal Style

It’s an unfortunate but unavoidable fact: we all got teased, picked on, and made to feel less than.  That's just how it is in middle school. 
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What Does LYL Mean? a brief explanation

Laughing Out Loud is a phrase associated with the display of loud, audible laughter. what does lyl mean when texting It is used in contexts such as on social...
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Riddle time: If Albert’s son is my son’s father, then what is the relationship...

Who is Albert?  If Albert’s son is my son, then what is the relationship between me and Albert? Your father. :) -Albert's son...
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