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Job recruitment websites are an effective way to find the right career opportunity or even to get your foot in the door by uploading a resume. But it’s not always easy to know which one is best for you and what they all offer. We’ve put together this helpful guide that breaks down everything you need to know about job recruitment websites, including the best ones out there.

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1. Koreaboo Job Search

The majority of job recruitment websites focus on searching for job positions and posting your resume.  Rather than simply sending in a resume, you can also upload your photos or videos onto their website and perform various search queries.  Just by following some of their tips, you will be able to find great jobs on multiple sites in one sitting!

Pros: They’ve got more than 35 recruiters from all across the globe that are just waiting for you to find your dream job! They have more than 12,000 job positions listed by many different companies. It’s definitely an excellent site to use when looking for a new career opportunity.

2. CV-Library

CV-Library’s website is a pretty good one to first use when you’re looking for a job. They list many different jobs available at companies as well as university employment that you may be interested in.

Pros: This site has over 300,000 resumes from job seekers from all around the world. They have 2300 jobs listed on their website that are all located in the UK and Ireland. Using this resource is a great way to start your search for your dream job!

3. Best Jobs

Best Jobs is another site with a wonderful job listing area. They have over 200,000 job listings that are organized by categories and subcategories.

Pros: This site has a great resource for finding a new career opportunity. They’ve made the search easy to use by labeling the categories with bold font and color. In addition, they have a fairly large number of job listings waiting for your attention (more than 462).

4. Monster Job Search

Monster is an excellent site to use when looking for a new job every once in awhile. They also offer suggestions on how to improve your resume as well as tips on searching for jobs.

Pros: Monster has over 3 million resumes from people interested in working at various companies or even going into business for themselves. They have an impressive amount of job opportunities on their website that you can choose from.

5. Zip Recruiter

Finding a job is easy when you use ZipRecruiter’s website. All search results are shown with your location and it also tells you which ones will be most convenient for you to apply for if you choose.

Pros: They’ve got a very user-friendly website that allows users to easily find new jobs in their area or by browsing through different categories. This site is great for people who have recently gone back to school or just graduated because they are looking for someone just like them!

6. OKJobs

This recruitment website has excellent features that allow you to find your dream job with ease. They list many different companies that have jobs available in your area.

Pros: They’ve got a very helpful search engine that allows you to find the perfect job for you within just a few minutes! In addition, they have provided a helpful FAQ section with answers to some frequently asked questions when online job searching, including ones about writing an effective resume and improving your chances of getting hired.

7. Career Builder

Career Builder’s website is one that most people have used when looking for a new job before. They offer many great features on their site that makes searching for jobs easier than ever before!

Pros: This website has 1 million resumes from people who are looking for new jobs or even freelancing positions. They’ve also got a very helpful FAQ section so that you can find out more about the different resources that are available to you when looking for a job.

8. Indeed

Indeed is an excellent site to use when looking for a new job. They allow you to search and sort through several different jobs at once! Their search engine also allows you to filter your results by cities, states or keywords.

Pros: Indeed has around 450,000 jobs listed with many different types of companies so it’s definitely one that is easy for use by anyone who’s in the market for a new career opportunity!  In addition, they have more than 9000 employers that are looking for employees such as administrative personnel, software developers and even help desk technicians.

9. HospitalityJobs

This is a website that focuses on hospitality jobs and they’ve got many different categories with job listings such as catering, restaurants, hotels and travel.

Pros: This site is quite excellent in helping you find a new career opportunity. They’ve made it easy to search for jobs by listing the available ones by category or by location. There are also links to their Facebook and Twitter pages so that you can stay up to date on all their latest job postings!


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