The History of Lawyers

Legal professionals in the United States have been under fire during the last few years. As a result, many people may be wondering where lawyers come from and how centuries of competing...

9 Tips That Will Make You Guru In Law

Law may not be the most glamorous field, but for many people it is the ultimate dream. Those who love the law and law x reader lemon will take it to their...

9 Strange Facts About Law

There are some incredible and downright bizarre facts about the law that many people probably didn’t know. From the story of a man who tripped and fell on someone’s property to causing...

The Reasons Why We Love Lawyers

Many people are not aware of the reasons why lawyers are so highly regarded and loved. Most people like to think that it is because law has the power of a mighty...
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10 Places That You Can Find Lawyers

Lawyers are an integral part of society, and for many people, they're an essential lifeline when dealing with legal or financial issues. But some people find it difficult to get a lawyer...
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Reasons you should pursue employment law – Why should you specialize?

If you’re someone who wishes to become a lawyer, there are multiple practice areas to try out. One of the several practice areas is employment law which deals with the complicated relationship...
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What was the “Twenty Negro Law”?

In the eighteenth century, Virginia had a rule that it was illegal to import more than 20 slaves into that colony. The "Twenty Negro Law" is an informal name...
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Which law was a result of the civil war?

This article is all about why did the “twenty-negro law” enrage many white southerners during the civil war? The result of a post-war directive from Congress, this law stipulated...
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What to Do If You Suspect Fault of a Loved One’s Death

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the suspicion their death could have been avoided. If you believe their employer, a healthcare provider, a prison, or another organization or individual is...
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When was “twenty-nergo law” introduced?

why did the “twenty-negro law” enrage many white southerners during the civil war?  For many, it was an act of black terrorism. For others, it was a legal act...