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If you have recently found yourself in a courtroom and found yourself staring into the eyes of a judge, then you might find this article helpful. This article is about COBB COUNTY MAGISTRATE at 32 Waddell street marietta ga, the first book by David Grann and it was published on October 7th 2009. The following article is an evaluation of this book from seven different viewpoints including an analysis of the plot, characterization and message.

1. Plot Analysis

The plot of this book is a mystery that revolves around the death of a Magistrate in the town of Latimer in Cobb County Georgia. The book starts off as two men are in court because of a murder that happened at a bar and during the trial, one man is shot to death by another one of his co-workers. Soon after this happens, there is an investigation conducted by both police departments and each department gathers their own different group of characters to find out more about what took place.

Throughout the entire story, there are multiple points throughout where you have one character interrogating another character through their personal history, it is almost like they are reading your mind and they can almost see the whole story before it happens. This is a very interesting feature of this story because you have very little information throughout the whole story.

2. Character Analysis

The characters in this story are very unique and different, so it was hard to separate one character from another and really find out who was who. Towards the end of the book, there is a big climax where everything that took place up until that point finally piles up on each other, which gives an ending to this book.

This story has a great cast of characters and you are introduced to them all from the beginning of the story till the end. This would have been perfect for those people that like reading stories about a murder mystery and trying to find out who done it, but I do not think that this is exactly what this book is about.

3. Message Analysis

This story has a great plot and I think that the plot is what gives this “Message” to the reader, but I do not think it is exactly what this book is trying to convey. This message is more of a “Warning”.

This book starts off with two men in court because one of them murdered the other one and there are three different police departments involved in this case and later on, if you find out who did it, then you will have a greater understanding of how and why this took place.

4. Literary Analysis

This book is a lot like a Murder Mystery and it plays with your mind for most of the beginning chapters, so even though this book was not as good as I thought it would be, I found that I was rather enjoying it. This book will keep you guessing throughout the entire story and you will constantly be asking yourself questions about the events that took place.

5. Critical Review

This book gets straight to the point from the very first paragraph and does not bore you to death with all of its details, which is something that I really like about this story. The story moves very quickly in this book and you get a lot of information in a very short amount of time. I would have to say that this is not the type of book that you can just read one chapter at a time as that would take forever, but rather I would suggest reading this all at once.

6. My Recommendation

I do not know if you have ever read any books by David Grann before, but he is a great author and generally I can recommend his novels to most people who enjoy reading murder mystery and crime stories. If you have an interest in this genre of books, then I would generally recommend this book to you because it is very good.

7. Credibility

I have never read anything by David Grann before, but I am interested in reading more of his work. He makes some great statements throughout the book and he makes it clear what the main message is for this novel. Throughout the book, there are a lot of details and information about the Magistrate and eventually this builds up to the climax of these series of events. This book was good in that it takes place in not just one setting, but rather it takes place all over town because they are investigating different suspects.


I read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend who went to college with David Grann. This person told me that David Grann is an amazing writer and that he has written some really good books, but I was surprised when I started reading this book and I found it to be hard to read at first.


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