Arizona DUI charges: Does hiring an attorney make a difference?


If you have been charged with DUI in Arizona, you probably understand that a conviction could have severe consequences. Regardless of the facts, you should concentrate on your defense. You might be on the fence about whether you should work with a public defender or hire a DUI attorney. In this post, we are discussing some relevant aspects that need your attention.

More experience

While public defenders also have knowledge of Arizona DUI laws, they don’t always have specific or as much experience with DUI cases. With an attorney specializing in criminal law, you know they wouldn’t miss the details and will follow the required procedures. Criminal attorneys can have charges dropped or outcomes reduced, depending on the circumstances.

Better at negotiations

Lawyers know the court system and can use their expertise to negotiate with prosecutors. They also know what it takes to argue with judges, and even for cases that require an aggressive approach, your attorney will fight for you. Remember that your attorney’s profile and credentials are on the line, and they wouldn’t want to botch up a case because it impacts their reputation. Public defenders don’t have such concerns.

Great at gathering evidence

If you decide to represent yourself, you may have difficulty collecting evidence and finding ways to defend the charges. Once you hire an attorney, they will evaluate each proof the prosecution has against you, which may mean rechecking breathalyzer results and field sobriety tests. They will also check whether your rights were violated in any manner.

Discussing a plea agreement

When talking and negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecution, your DUI lawyer’s experience can be handy. They know when to resolve a case short of trial is a wise step, while in other cases, they may prepare for the courtroom procedure.

Representation in court

You also need a DUI lawyer when you want to tell your side of the story and make a compelling argument in court. Your lawyer is in charge of representing and sharing facts of the case, which may require them to work extensively on various aspects.

In conclusion

Hiring a DUI lawyer in Arizona is about looking for better ways to improve your chances. Don’t let the charges ruin your life and career, as even misdemeanor convictions can have unfortunate outcomes. When you can seek legal help, there is no point in trying alone. Contact an attorney as soon as you are arrested. 


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