Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes when Beginning Mobile SEO


Mobile SEO has become the need of the hour, ever since the use of mobile devices has skyrocketed! For newbies, it’s often not about the technicalities but about simple tactics that lead tohuge mistakes and mishaps. For efficientmobile Search engine optimization of your website, you need to know and avoid these top ten mistakes that usually happen when beginning Mobile SEO. We have compiled this list from the experience of professionals of a Mobile SEO service.

Slow Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is not just Google’s or any other search engine’s ranking factor, but its also an essential aspect of better user experience. According to Google Statistics, 53% of users immediately abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!

Your web pages must load within a second or two. A mobile SEO service achieves this by:

  • Resizing and compressing images using compressing tools like compressor.io
  • Reducing requests and redirects by removing unnecessary elements, optimizing site’s HTML code, eliminating redirects to the fullest possible extent, and minifying elements that a low down the page like CSS or JavaScript.
  • Using Page Speed tools to monitor your site’s page loading progress.
  1. Blocked Elements

One of the most commonmistakes in Mobile SEO is blocking some aspects like CSS, JavaScript, and Image files. It potentially harms a site’s ranking as you are restrictingGoogleBotfrom accessingyour website’s elements.  This also depicts faulty coding. 

The mobile SEO service tests all of the site’s URL monitorsthe website’s elements using robots.txt.fileand allows visibility of every blocked element. It also ensures that there are no more indexing and coding glitches.

Wrong Choice of Keywords

The first thing that strikes themind after hearing SEO is keywords. But often, people choose the wrong keywords; they either choose irrelevant keywords or keywords that have higher competition,thinking that the frequently researched keywords will generate traffic.

The foremost job of a mobile SEO service is carrying out keywords research and choosing the relevant, adequateones with lower competition. For this purpose, you could use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush,and Moz Keyword Explorer. 

Keyword Stuffing

Flooding your site’s content with keywords and using the same phrasing for better optimization and traffic generation is not only a misconception but a pretty bad idea!It negatively impacts your site’s ranking and affects your site’s SEO. Search engines perceive such websites as spam or robotic; your site’s content must seem human and organic. In fact, keywords stuffing is considered as a “Black hat technique.”

Recently, Google has introduced Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI),which is a special semantic search that is capable of recognizing your content’s topic without keyword stuffing.

Using Black Hat Tactics

Most of the people tend to opt black hat SEO tactics in the greed of quick results and high rankings on search engines. The black hat SEO techniques actually influence the search results by breachingtheir guidelines like flooding the content with keywords, link buying and exchanging, incorporating hidden texts and links, etc. But search engines,especially Google,now monitors and recognizes sites using Black hat SEO tactics and penalize or sometimes even ban such websites labeling them spam. 

The authentic Mobile SEO service always opts for White hat SEO tactics, which are well defined, accepted, and recommended by search engines. These strategies, though, require hard work but prove to be effective in the long run and establish the site’s authenticity and accuracy.

Building Low-Quality Backlinks

Off-site Optimization or backlinking is an essential aspect of SEO, but building low-quality backlinks are,in fact,harmful.

Buying links, farming, or exchanging links from low-quality websites is instead a Black hat technique that’s discouraged by search engines. Posting your site’s links on other websites and spamming forums with links is strongly disregarded by search engines’ guidelines. 

Your goal must be to develop backlinks from quality websites, do guest posting on authentic forums,and to network with authoritative potential collaborators.

Irrelevant Rapid Link Building

If you are obtaining backlinks very rapidly, you’re making a huge mistake. Like other SEO aspects,link building should also seem natural and must support a smooth flow. Moreover, you can’t obtain backlinks from a website that’s totally irrelevant to your site’s niche. 

Not Optimizing Title Tags and Meta description

It’s a blunder if you don’t optimize your website’s title tags and meta description.The common mistakes made by most of the people in this area include The same title for all pages, lengthy page titles, and incorporation of the website’s name in page titles.

A meaningful title helps people understand the objective and content of your page. Writing SEO, friendly title tags, and meta descriptions by incorporating relevant keywords contribute toenhanced visibility, ranking, and traffic. 

It’s equally important to design a unique meta description for each page to increase your site’s click rates as well as conversions.

Nonspecific Mobile Viewport

The obvious and sole objective of mobile SEO is the site’s adaptability to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The problems that arise with viewports include fixed viewports or poor minimum viewport aspects, both of which are confined tospecific devices only. 

Any efficient Mobile SEO service would fix these problems by:

  • Enabling user scaling 
  • Controlling page’s dimensions 
  • Implementing Responsive Web Design basic features
  1. Unoptimized Content and Images

Optimization and formatting of both images and content are essential aspects ofmobile search engine optimization of any website. 

The content and images on your website must add to the overall user experience. You need to optimize your content and then format its display on mobile devices by choosing the appropriate font style and size, incorporating catchy headings in bold and italics, proper text wrapping, and display on the webpage.

As for the images, uploading big file size images and images without ALT text will give you negative points. The greater the file size, the more the site’s loading time and thus the bounce rate, similarly too many images on a webpage also disturb the users. In contrast,images without description makeit difficult for search engines to understand the context.

You could use photo editing and compressing softwareto optimize your images for Mobile SEO of your website.

If you want to ace your mobile SEO game, you need to avoid these ten common mistakes that you might not even realize you are making. For the best results, it is best to keep yourself away from the SEO complexities and let a professional mobile SEO service manage it the right way! 


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