Baseball Uniform dress up Guidelines of different levels.

baseball team uniforms
baseball team uniforms

A uniform plays an important role in the performance of the player, no matter what sport he or she plays. They support the playing ability in various aspects, keep the player safe and make them look different to one another on the field no matter at what level you are playing at. In each age group teams require a special uniform to help them perform on the field. Whatever level you or your kid is playing, you just have to have the best uniforms. When it comes to baseball uniforms, guidelines are there to make sure that all the players remain safe and comfortable throughout the game, while also matching them with their teammates and creating a sense of pride and unity. While some basic elements of the uniform remain the same from t-ball to the major leagues, other elements differ depending on the age of players and the level of play.

Today we’ll be discussing about the different baseball team uniform requirements (Amateur Level). We’ll be talking about the little league, the high school level baseball and college level baseball.

Little League Baseball Uniform

In Little League, the custom baseball team uniform rules are relatively simple and are quite relaxed and easy compared to the rules and regulations for the player’s uniform at the higher baseball levels. Players participating in the Little League typically have to to wear a shirt, pants, tall socks, and a hat. But because they are kids umpires are often lenient and even if the clothes of all the kids isn’t matching, the referee allows them to participate.

The kid’s baseball uniforms is simple. It is there to teach the kids the value and importance of team work and unity. The little league baseball uniforms must not have any sort of metal and glass on the jersey as it can aid in injuring the player. 

The players can wear any style of custom baseball Jerseys (Sleeveless, half sleeves or full sleeves. All the players should have a little league patch present on their baseball jersey (it can be o n the chest of the sleeves))

High School Baseball Uniform

Just like the Little League, the High School level baseball leagues require every player to wear  baseball pants, a baseball jersey, long stretchable baseball socks, and a baseball hat with a curved brim. The uniform rules for the high school players is a bit more detailed and strict compared to the little leagues. The baseball jersey should be crisp and shouldn’t have any damage on them (tears and frays). Each baseball jersey has to have a number. This is a compulsion, and remember that the one numbers cannot be used twice. A team cannot have two people playing with the same number on their back. The front of the jersey cannot contain anything other than the American flag and the manufacturer’s logo. Exceptions are allowed for memorial patches and commemorative symbols (The state regulators have to allow or disallow them).

Now because it’s the high school level league each player playing in every position have to follow stricter guidelines (including the pitcher and the catcher). The pitchers under shirt cannot be white or grey. It has to be of the same color as the jersey. Pitchers and catchers are not allowed to wear any items that is distracting to the batter. The catcher and the pitcher aren’t allowed to wear clothing on their wrists. The pitcher is allowed to wear compression sleeves. But it has to be in a solid color without any patterns.

College Baseball Uniform

College Baseball is quite competitive and so obviously they have tougher and stricter uniform guidelines. You realize it as soon as you get to know their basic rule, which is that the players and the coaching staff all will have to wear the same team uniform. Each team has to have to team baseball jerseys, one which they would wear on the home games whereas as the other one would be for the games on the road(away games). Both these jerseys should have contrasting colors.  The coaches will have to wear the same baseball uniform as the team. They are allowed to wear a jacket on top but other than that they should be in the complete baseball uniform of their team. The jacket should contain the team’s logo and should follow the same color scheme as the team uniform. Of course, getting NLDS tickets to see your favorite team and their uniforms live is still the best fan experience you can think of.

The players are also allowed to wear jackets on the field. Again the jacket should be of the uniform color and should have the college team’s logo on it. The jacket can’t be worn while batting or running the base. The pitcher is allowed to wear it though. The pitchers are also allowed to wear compression sleeves but they have to be covered with an under shirt.


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