Camera-Based Tech Innovation By Magna Could Help Reduce Distracted Driving

Camera Based Tech Innovation

NHTSA revealed that distracted driving claimed the lives of more than 3,100 people, marking a ten percent increase since 2020, based on a report by AfterMarketNews. John O’Hara, head of electronics and mirrors at Magna, says, “Magna’s advanced driver monitoring system provides carmakers and road users a futuristic way of curbing distracted driving.” He adds that the new solution is an extension of the company’s camera and mirror-based technology expertise. The system is already available in the market and relies on camera-based tech to sense distracting driver behavior by monitoring eye, body, and head movement. The tech, which is integrated into a car’s interior mirror, alerts drivers through customized visual or audible notifications immediately when it detects distracted driving. This camera-based innovation is scalable, as it allows consumers to include other safety features like seat belts and child presence detection. Below are other tech innovations improving road safety, hence reducing car accident claims.

Smart Traffic Lights

Smart traffic lights are vital safety components, as they ease traffic congestion and reduce road accidents. Unlike conventional traffic lights that are programmed to switch lights at predetermined times, intelligent traffic lights rely on data to change lights and signals. Since advanced traffic lights use hi-tech cameras and queue sensors, they provide the control system with real-time information about traffic conditions. For example, if smart traffic lights detect that many pedestrians are waiting to cross the road, they transmit data to the control systems. The controller then keeps the walk sign for longer to ensure pedestrians cross roads safely.  

Telematics For Fewer Risks of Human Error

Telematics is another promising road safety technology designed to reduce human error. When installed in a car, telematics devices monitor, store, and share vehicle data, such as speeding and braking. By providing critical information regarding one’s driving behavior, telematics reduces the risk of getting injured in car accidents, which according to FVF Law, can be confusing and stressful. Other benefits of using telematics include optimizing journeys, promoting eco-driving, and creating optimal driving conditions. 

Contact Sensor Systems or CoSSy

As the name suggests, the contact sensor system detects close contact between a car and an object or person. The ability to record sound signals makes CoSSy a useful automobile feature for detecting collision impact at a low speed. This technology allows you to stop a car quickly to prevent a potential crash. 

The state of road safety has improved significantly over the last decade, thanks to advanced automotive technologies. Some smart road safety innovations include intelligent traffic lights, adaptive cruise control, telematics, and contact sensor systems


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