Cat Breed Guide to Owning Feline Pets


In reality, everyone has the chance to become cat parents, and some may not know that they have the gift for this yet. Others may just have realized that they want to find their feline companions to brighten their homes and family.

Maybe, you are among the owners who realized early on that you are meant to start a furry pet family, and you want to add another kitty. You may be a photography enthusiast who found that taking pictures of cats can be an ideal hobby, and you’re wondering what the best breeds are out there.

If you are one of these people, you are a whisker away from knowing about many breeds out there. You can go into the cat breed guide for more information about different coats, characteristics, and behaviors that you can expect on the felines. Once you find the perfect feline for you, Bivvy pet insurance will ensure their health is covered every step of the way. 

Domestic Longhairs and Shorthairs

The longhair is gorgeous, and many feel good about them in general. They have fresh hair that’s long and silky to the touch. They have an effortless way of maintaining their coat, and they won’t bat an eyelash even if it seems that what they are wearing is heavier than expected. Overall, their blend of feline charm and goodness may be their ticket to your affection.

On the other hand, there’s the domestic shorthair that’s common in many households today. However, they are far from being ordinary because they are considered the ultimate cat. Your favorite qualities that you can find on a pet cat are packaged into one adorable kitty. They come in many colors, sizes, and shapes, and they are perfect for pampering and cuddling.


If you are looking for a relaxing and chill company, then the ragdoll can be your best bud. They may seem to be in a relationship with your bed and couch, but they will treat you with lots of love as well. This is a furry friend that will welcome you home by flopping their arms when you get home. Just ensure that you’ve had plenty of exercises and workouts, to begin with, because these breeds are pretty big!

Russian Blue

You may fall in love with the Russian Blue at first sight but wait until you own one. You may never let them get out of your site because of their lovely touch and appearance. Their plush and smooth coats can awaken your artistic ambitions, and you may even take up painting or photography to preserve their images for a long time.

The Russian Blue’s eyes are very expressive, and you can’t resist their pleading. You may even find yourself cuddling them since they are very affectionate. Overall, their love is tough to ignore, and they can be the best buds that you’ve ever had. Read more about the Russian Blue on this site here


Persians are very independent and robust kitties, and they don’t need any parents. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but this isn’t entirely false. The Persians may not be as clingy as other breeds on the list, but they are very content in receiving your servitude and undying adoration.

These pets are better for people living in apartments and condominiums. They can quickly adapt to little space, and their formidable appearance may even seem that they are the centerpiece in the room. You just have to ensure that they are receiving proper brushing every single day to avoid any issues.


Burmese are considered a worldwide citizen. They are bred in Britain and the Americas, but the features are the same. In the UK, the breeds may slightly be more slender in Australia, but the point is that this furry friend’s ancestors have seen and traveled the world.

They may have more manners than the others; they have specific cultural breeding in them that’s hard to ignore. Their golden eyes are trained to anything you’re doing, and they will ask questions and comment on your mundane tasks. All they need from you is to show them the same interest as they do in your wacky adventures. Now, this is something that you can never refuse, right?


Cat, Kitten, Abyssinian, Cat'S Eyes, Domestic Cat, Pet

If you’ve been to Egypt, you may be familiar with the Abyssinians form painted in many temples and pyramids in the place. It’s no wonder that the breeds are graceful overall, and they demand that their owners should worship them. Read more about the Abyssinians here:

The Abyssinians love and crave only one thing from you, and this is your attention. Luckily for them, they have the natural knack for getting your attention with their surprising antics. If they notice that you’re not paying them enough attention, you may find that your Abyssinian will co-author the unfinished emails that you have on your computer in no time while winking. 

Australian Mists

Australian mists are the pride of the people Down Under, and it can’t be helped. There’s just a certain air of patriotism on these felines, and they are totally gorgeous. This is the ultimate melting pot of the curiosity of Burmese and the adorable qualities of Abyssinian while the owners get the best of both worlds.

They act just like your friends and the iconic tabbies. They may be a little rowdy when they are young but become more easy-going when they come to adulthood. You just have to take time to replace those wines with catnip sprinkles, though, to keep them happy.


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