Causes And Effects Of The Popularity Of Fast-Food Restaurant

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Causes and effects of the popularity of fast or junk food restaurants are increasing day by day. Nowadays, the number of fast-food restaurants is steadily increasing. Here, we discuss the main reasons for the increment in fast-food restaurants and describe the possible effects of this problem.

Compared to the previous generations, today’s generation is focused on getting more in the shortest time possible which fast-food restaurants help in getting this done. The major contribution of the increment of fast-food restaurants is the change in peoples’ lifestyles with a focus on saving time and getting food faster and the high demand of customers and the improvement of the products and services which make it popular and besides its popularity, fast food has an effect on humans health. As we see the popularity of fast/junk food increases, which causes a reduction in the frequency of fast food meals and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits which may lead to reduced health risks in the future.

Fast food is such a poison that only fulfills our tongue and not good for our health which is always poisoning us, that’s why we can call it Slow poison- because it gradually affects the inner parts of every part of the body which shortens our life span. As we see now, most of the people work the whole day without a small lunch break and many family members become employees. That’s why they initially have no time to cook and it’s become fashionable to eat outside almost many families. It is a picture of both husband and wife as employees. Thus they are addicted physically and mentally with fast food which creates the popularity of fast-food restaurants.

Nowadays we find it easily in each and every restaurant. Home services or home delivery sometimes gives us free or sometimes restaurants charge some price for this. When restaurants give us free delivery service- then the public takes it as a profitable gain which automatically creates popularity of fast-food restaurants. Facilities also served for consumers in fast food restaurants like- WiFi, internet connection, and children’s playground; which may result in many people wasting their time just for using WiFi and internet connection at the fast-food restaurants, without thinking about other activities for a little bit. We have to remember always health is wealth- so to maintain this health we need some healthy habits, it should be our first priority to eat healthy food to sustain good health. We should be more natural and natural is always good for us and anything which is too artificial is not good for our health. To decrease the number of fast-food restaurants, the first thing we have to do to convince people to eat homemade food items is to have proper knowledge of health and taste. It is a long way but one thing is sure that if we try then a fruitful result will come to us in the near future, so we have to keep trying to know the benefits of home-made food items. Once upon a time, we celebrated every occasion with home-made items, but now this trend is left and fast food now becomes a part of our culture and the trend of home-made celebrating items is left. Our world is too modernized; when a group of friends plans to get together- they do not decide to come to a good visiting place but want to visit well-known restaurants, because people give importance to fashion.

The top reasons for eating fast-food meals, according to the percentage after surveying- people who agreed with each statement;

  1. Easy to get to 80.1%
  2. I like the taste of fast food: 69.2%
  3. Fast food is expensive: 63.6%
  4. No time for the cook: 53.2%
  5. Some people don’t like to prepare food by themselves: 44.3%
  6. For the taste of fast food 41.8%


To be a result of causes for the popularity of fast-food restaurants due to change people’s lifestyle and no time to prepare food and finding ingredients to cook food- as a result, the family tradition or from our past decade traditions of preparing food traditionally and eating together at home at the same place is left because people prefer fast-food restaurants to get the quickness of taking foods without being late. The effects also appear to the healthiness of people as we discussed above which can lead the people to obesity and people started having conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Although fast food is less expensive than cooking properly for yourself. If we consume fast food regularly, obesity and other serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can be a serious illness in our body. So we have to maintain this spread of fast-food restaurants and keep this in balance.


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