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The internet is reached indeed worldwide. It reaches across all over countries, all over the communities and, all the age groups, and the usages of internet enhancing day by day as analysis to the past. It’s bitter but true that among these users, there are many users who are kids. More than thirty-five million children visit online and make it the largest group dependent on the internet. In the past twenty years, internet usage among kids has steadily increased. According to a study by Joan Ganz Cooney Centre, more than two-thirds of 8-year-old kids go online each day. There are various researchers such as the Pew Research Center who have proven that 70% of kids are on the internet every day. From the last few decades, the percentage of kids on social media has risen to 15%. As we see kids spend more time in front of the computer, then it must be clear by itself that they typically spend less time in any type of physical activity. No doubt that the internet is useful for kids and also for everyone. But the internet has some negative impacts that can directly affect kids, not only kids actually younger too. If kids and younger people don’t get proper guidance, then it can lead to some dangerous situations. Not only does the internet have negative impacts but there are some positive effects too. The usage of the internet affects kids psychologically because they are exposed to both good and bad information.

Let’s have a look for positive and negative impacts of the internet on kids-

#Positive impacts of Internet

Positive impact for children is a source of learning where they feel the ease of getting information and lessons through the internet makes the child easier. Kids can use the internet to boost their academics in a positive manner. Also, they are able to access additional information on different-different subjects that they are taught in schools and in their personal tutorial classes. The wide documents on the internet enable the kids to improve their skills and limited educations. Their creativity level of thinking is also enhanced by online games and from the wide learning materials that they are exposed to online. The Internet has also influenced children to communicate through emails, social media, and chatting platforms as a way of communicating. For family members who can’t always live together- and separated parents or for whom who is far-away, for instance- the internet lets you be closer to all than before. The way of sharing photos with each other on the internet is a great way to stay connected when we can’t be together in person. Nowadays we all know we pass through the effects of COVID-19, lots of schools now post homework assignments online and give kids another way to keep on top of their schedule. People of all ages love the internet for lots of reasons. The online world can be engaging, creative entertainment for kids and also for the very age of the people.

#Negative impacts of Internet

As we see kids spend more time in front of computer monitors for using the internet they typically spend less time in physical activities, which generally affects the health of kids. Using long hours and sitting in front of computer screens is a prime risk factor for obesity. According to clinical psychologist Kaleyvani Geeseeny Swamy, sitting long hours in front of the computer lessened the time for their physical activities. First, it affects their eyesight and increases obesity, and also from this they hardly give no more any time to play outdoor games. As a result, they become lazy and become less active in any physical activity. Sometimes, kids don’t go outside from their house at all because they wanted to spend more and more time on the internet and they hardly give time to their family and friends which result that the kids cut themselves out from the rest of the world and can also lock themselves up in their rooms spending time on the using internet, which loosens their real social connections and family connections too. The internet ruins kids because it makes them unfocused, irresponsible, which makes them likely to have poor grades.

Hence, internet use by kids affects their health, Internet use affects children psychologically


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