Chick fil a peppermint milkshake

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american heritage chocolate qBvPsW2PZVE unsplash

Chick fil a is rolling out their peppermint milkshake for the holidays. when does chick fil a peppermint milkshake come out 2016? 

Right now, it’s only available in stores in New England and the mid-Atlantic. But it’ll be coming to all Chick fil a restaurants on December 2nd!

All you have to do is head to your nearest Chick fil A restaurant, wait patiently in line, get your delicious food of choice for yourself or an immediate family member if it’s just too tempting to resist. 

And then get one of these new seasonal beverages! You can either wait until December 2nd or order them ahead of time at the Chick fil A One mobile app.

when does chick fil a peppermint milkshake come out 2016

The Chick fil a peppermint milkshake is a perfect pick-me-up for when you’re tired after a long drive or night out. 

It has the classic Chick fil a vanilla milkshake flavor you know and love with little bits of peppermint candy cane mixed in. 

The peppermint season lasts from November to January, so get a head start on your peppermint fix by ordering this delicious new beverage before it’s too late!

The only problem with this drink is that it’ll be hard to have just one. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line for a while before you can even get your hands on one!

 Chick fil a peppermint milkshake 2016 release date

And now that it’s available, don’t forget to tell us where you’ll be getting your hands on this new beverage.

 You can post about it on the Chick Fil A Facebook Page or Twitter, or tweet at us with the hashtag #ChickfilA! We’d love to see where you guys are finding this new seasonal product! 

How to prepare peppermint milkshake :

1. When can you make peppermint milkshake

Chick fil A has the perfect answer for the most popular question. Even though, this is something that everybody goes crazy about. 

But, they gave us a straight up no. They let us know that this is just not available all year round. 

The only time was 2015, where it was released around October-November. And now it seems like they are dropping it again on December 2nd!

So what was the answer? Yes you can make some of your own homemade peppermint milkshake or drink some other brand’s version of Peppermint Milkshake.

2. How to make peppermint shake at home

If you are stuck with Chick fil A, then you can easily make your own milkshake just like they do at their restaurants. 

You can go buy a small pack of peppermint candies and wait for them to melt into the milkshake.

 However, if you want a more chocolatey flavor, then you can add a few chocolate chips to the mix.

3. When was the first peppermint milkshake created

It is said that the first Peppermint Milkshake was made at a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. That was almost 100 years ago! 

It wasn’t until Christmastime when this drink was introduced to the world. It became an instant hit ever since.

The truth is that there is no evidence of such a claim and no one knows for sure if this actually happened or not. 

But, it’s still a pretty interesting fact about mint and milkshakes that we all should know.

4. What does chick fil a website say about the peppermint milkshake

These days, there is no such thing as a free milkshake. You will have to pay for it if you want to eat it at Chick fil A!

 But, this does not mean you can’t enjoy their other delicious meals and drinks.

 It just means that you should pay for it and that you should not do anything else during the time that Chick fil A has this delicious new drink on sale.

 Do your best to order your favorite item and wait in line for your turn to enjoy the creamy, delicious milkshake!

5. What about carrot cake shake? The blog said it’s out now .

It seems that the rumors were true! You can find carrot cake shake in Chick Fil A. However, you will have to wait for it to be restocked. 

According to the blog , “Our stores are restocking this new seasonal item now. We won’t have it on sale until December 2nd!” So, what will you do until then?

6. How much is the peppermint milkshake?

The peppermint milkshake will cost you $4.89. It is unfortunately not available for catering or delivery. 

You can take your favorite meal and then head to your nearest Chick fil A restaurant, especially if you live in the New England area and want to enjoy this delicious drink!


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