Computer Vision – The technology and its Applications

fb computer vision
fb computer vision

The advancement of technology has brought up radical changes across all spheres of life. Today, disruptive technologies like others are rapidly shaping the future and ways humans interact with their surroundings. While various futuristic technologies are shaping the world, Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly at the center of all the wonders that we are witnessing today.

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A few decades back, Artificial Intelligence sounded like a jargon straight out of the sci-fi movies, however, today it’s an important part of our everyday life. The interesting part is that many people are utterly unaware of the use of AI in their routine tasks. From awesome robots that seem coming straight out of a sci-fi movie to online shopping and captivating games, artificial intelligence is powering the world around us, transforming the way we interact with our surroundings and other humans, as well as, influencing our decision making daily.

In the world of business, Artificial Intelligence is part of all billion-dollar companies. Not just billion-dollar companies, but also startups and SMBs are leveraging on incredible tools and features of artificial intelligence to build sustainable business models attracts more customers and increase their revenues.

But where does the computer vision comes into play?

Well, computer vision is an important component of Artificial Intelligence, which goes hand in hand.

Have you ever wondered how a simple scanning device and few black and white stripes can automatically input the price and update the inventory at your local mall?

Or have you thought how your smartphone camera can shoot the best shot for you?

Well, these are your introduction to computer vision.

In this blog, we have come up with a pretty simple introduction to computer vision and how it is powering our world with its applications in different industries.

So, let’s just dive into our introduction to computer vision.

What is computer vision?

As we said earlier, computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, technology is meant to enable machines to gain the human brain like analyzing power to understand images and videos.

With computer vision technology, the machines can analyze, process, and reveal important information from imagery or a sequence of images. It empowering the machines with human-like vision, giving them the intelligence and instincts to work like human brains.

Well, that sounds pretty simple, right?

While the concept may sound pretty simple, the technology isn’t simple at all. Besides, powering the machine with the ability to analyze and identify images is no easy feat to achieve.

If we are to look at computer vision as a scientific discipline, it’s the theory that goes behind the development of artificial intelligence systems, which are used to extract information from images. Whereas, on the technological front, the theory is used to develop powerful computer vision models and systems.

There are various sub-domains of computer vision including motion estimation, image restoration, learning, object recognition, and much more.

Applications of Computer Vision

The computer vision concept was first introduced in the 1970s. The technology back then wasn’t so advance and other than the scientific community, most people just thought it as another sci-fi technology. However, today, technology has reached the point where it can influence our daily routines (personal and professional both).

In recent years, computer vision technology has taken some giant leaps to become an important technology for many businesses and industries, especially in areas where AI applications are used excessively.

Here are some everyday machine learning applications of computer vision technology:

  • Retail Stores

Perhaps, the most exciting application of the technology is its use in the latest Amazon retail store “Amazon Go”. If you haven’t already checked out this amazing store, you need to check it out now. This incredibly innovative store comes with no cashiers or checkouts.

Yes, imagine a store where you don’t have to wait in frustratingly long lines to pay the bills. The entire store is powered by computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion. The customers can enter and exit the store with all the products they need and they will simply be charged for the shopping through their Amazon account. Talk about technology.

  • Automotive

Another major sector that is being increasingly powered by computer vision is the automotive industry. Major automotive players like Tesla and Waylon are increasingly developing complex AI and Computer Vision algorithms to power their self-driving cars, which are all set to dominate the streets in the next decade. Equipped with powerful sensors, and algorithms, the self-driving cars can detect motion 360 degrees, as well as, read, analyze and obey the street signals to ensure smooth traffic flow and safer streets for all.

  • Healthcare Industry

While the technology is still in its infancy when talking about the healthcare industry, it nonetheless has gained much traction in the last many years. Computer vision technology is mainly used in the healthcare industry to assist doctors, physicians, and medical practitioners in better diagnosis of diseases, which directly saves patients’ lives.

The blood monitor by a surgical company is the latest innovative product that leverages the power of computer vision to accurately measure blood loss due to injuries or during surgeries. The device can recognize hemorrhage conditions much better than human eyes, thus it is a lifesaving medical device powered by computer vision.


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