Six everyday mistakes that cost drivers

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car 1149997 1920

Without realizing it, many motorists go-to the engine, gearbox, and tires every day. The high wear eventually leads to expensive repairs. If you avoid the following six everyday mistakes, you can save a lot of money.

The lifespan of modern cars is long, the intervals between inspections are getting longer and the less frequently our vehicles are inspected. If drivers do not pay attention to careful handling, serious damage can quickly occur, the repair of which is expensive.

1. Wrong braking

The disc brake is extremely effective and requires little maintenance. Nevertheless, it also needs proper handling. After sharp and intensive braking, you should not stop on the brake pedal after a standstill, but release the brake and use the handbrake to lock the car if necessary.

This is behind it: the strong brake system heats the brake pads up to 700 degrees. If the pads remain on the brake disks when they are stationary, they cool down much more slowly in the area of ​​the blocks – the brake disk can become wavy. The next time you brake, this can lead to a noticeable rubbing in the pedal, which can only be remedied by the expensive replacement of the brake discs.

Here’s the guide:

Drivers of automatic cars are particularly affected because they “crawl” forward when they are in gear – they should turn the selector lever to N after every hard braking and apply the handbrake if necessary because they usually do not act on the same brake pads.

Even when stopping at the end of a traffic jam, pausing at the parking lot, and refueling on the motorway, the driver should never wait with the foot on the brake.

2. Operate the pedals with two feet

Some automatic drivers operate the brake with their left foot, which is then “ready to brake” on the brake pedal, even though the road is clear. However, without the driver noticing, the brake pads are on the discs, which leads to increased temperatures and excessive wear.

As a result, brake pads and discs have to be replaced extraordinarily often.

3. Strain the clutch

The service life of the coupling depends on the operation. Anyone who downshifts when slowing down and engages without double-declutching uses the clutch as a brake – however, it costs many times more to repair than the brake requires. Tip: It is better to take the aisle out and brake if you are not able to accelerate.

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It is similarly bad if you use the clutch to prevent the car from rolling backward when standing on a slope: the clutch gets very hot and wears out very quickly.

4. Incorrect parking

Be careful when parking along the curb! Otherwise, the rim scrapes along with the hard stone, and quickly more than 1000 are due for repair or replacement. However, if you have to drive over the curb, you should do so as slowly as possible at an obtuse angle. So you protect the valuable rims and the chassis.


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