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A Little Bit About Dafabet

The bookmaker is known to many bettors around the world of all ages. Such great fame has contributed to the improvement of many aspects of the bookmaker and the addition of new features.

Dafabet online doesn’t forget about its old users and leaves them the same old version of the website. But for new users, also was created a modern format of the official website.

The bookmaker was founded in 2004 and continues its activities to this day. Because of such a long period of operation bookmaker has extensive experience in the field of gambling. It should be noted that the bookmaker succeeded not only in the industry of betting but also spent a lot of work to improve casino paraphernalia.

Betting on Sports With Dafabet

When you first visit the Dafabet website, you may see three different tabs with betting sections.

The first of them is aimed at new users and has an easy to learn interface. OW Sport is aimed at users who have been using the bookmaker’s services for a long time and got used to the old version of the site.

Keep in mind that the old version of the site does not work in all countries, so we will describe the betting section for new users.

The third section is focused on virtual betting. The computer simulates special matches between a variety of teams, you can place a bet on such a match and after a while, the computer will give the result of the match. 

Going into the betting section, you can see the huge number of options that the bookmaker gives you.

At the top of the screen, you can choose what type of bets you prefer.

The list itself will give you the opportunity to choose either a search by event or one of the offered variants:

  • Sports

All bets on real tournaments and matches in a wide variety of sports;

  • Live

Matches that take place in real time;

  • Cricket

All matches related to the discipline;

  • Exchange

In the mode in which users form odds on matches based on their bets, the bookmaker has no influence on odds in this format;

  • Fantasy 

A mode in which a player makes his own team from the players of different teams and gets points depending on the team he makes. You compete with other users and the one with the most points wins;

  • Esports

All of your eSports bets will be waiting for you in this section;

  • Virtual

This is the mode where the computer creates a match between the various teams you can bet on. After the lapse of time, the computer determines the winner of the match on the basis of calculations;

  • Virtual lottery

The mode in which you can bet on the outcome of a virtual lottery.

Also on the top panel, you can adjust the odds format to see the current world time, open chat and betting format.

After selecting a model you can sort the games by sports disciplines and tournaments.

After seeing the list of games you can click on the odds which will add your bet to the special table. So you can bet on several disciplines at once.

Now that we have sorted out the betting section we can move on to the casino paraphernalia.

Dafabet Online Casino

Casino paraphernalia on Dafabet is presented in 4 different sections focused on individual online casino modes, and one generalizing.

The section with live dealers will give you a wide library of games in which you’ll compete with a live dealer. In this mode, you’ll be able to chat with all the players or with the dealer himself.

The lotteries section allows you to play all kinds of lotteries online and hit the jackpot. The section under the name of the game allows its users to try out a huge library of all the different slots. Slots can be divided into different categories and providers of creators thanking sorting search.

Arcade mode will give you the opportunity to play any arcade gambling with a detailed division of the search by provider and category.

And for a special provider of Playtech ball created its own section with all the games from this manufacturer. This section has its own range of bonuses.

Dafabet is also a provider which produces its own slots and arcade games that you can play offsite. Dafabet also offers plenty of bonuses which allow you to enjoy the bookmaker for even more pleasure.

Bonuses for Dafabet Online Users

Dafabet has given its users the opportunity to take advantage of special bonuses in order to increase their enjoyment.

Dafabet currently has a total of 22 bonuses. Each Dafabet mode has its own bonuses.

From the general bonuses stand out bonuses of 150% on the first deposit and deposit via cryptocurrency.

For betting bonuses are allocated:

  • Bonus for betting on certain game events and disciplines;
  • VIP bonus;
  • The referral bonus for a friend;
  • Draws of gadgets and free bets.

Bonuses stand out for the casino such as:

  • Daily free spins giveaways;
  • Exclusive weekly rewards;
  • Special prize draws;
  • Bonuses on games from providers;
  • Bonuses on casino modes.

Not to forget that Dafabet has its own loyalty program.

Dafabet Online Loyalty Program

The bookmaker has its own loyalty program which will allow its users to receive benefits in all aspects of Dafabet.

The loyalty program on Dafabet is called the VIP program.

In the top right corner of the site will be a diamond icon which when clicked will take you to the section with the VIP program and a list of all bonuses from the VIP program.

Initially, a bronze level VIP program is available to all users.

Total Dafabeta 4 levels of VIP program namely:

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;

The bonuses at different levels of the VIP program differ from most other betting sites.

Unlocking new levels will give you exclusive access to new games, special VIP tolls in some live dealer games, and daily rewards.

All bonuses and loyalty programs work perfectly in the mobile app.

Dafabet Mobile App

The mobile app is a great and convenient way for users to get all the benefits of Dafabet on their mobile gadgets.

It’s very convenient when you can be anywhere in the world and have access to all the features of Dafabet online and also get some benefits.

With less traffic, push notifications and a dedicated interface you can have more fun using Dafabet on your phone.

The process of downloading Dafabet is simple, what you need to download the application:

  1. Go to the official site;
  2. Go to the tab in the upper right corner;
  3. Select the operating system of your device;
  4. Scan the Qr code that will give you the download link or take you to the page of the official site with the application;
  5. You need to install the file from the download link and allow downloading from unknown sources.

Done, you can now use the mobile app on your gadget.

Not all download platforms allow the installation of applications related to gambling due to the usage policy of different operating systems.

If you have any problems, you can always contact support to solve them.

Support Service

In order to solve various problems which may arise amongst Dafabet’s users, there is a dedicated support team, which will help you if you contact the support team in any of the available ways.

You can contact the support team via:

  • 24-Hour Chat 
  • hotline 
  • Letter to the bookmaker’s official email
  • all possible solutions for your problems you can find in the bookmaker FAQ

Support service upon receipt of the letter will immediately begin to process your request, and if you call the hotline specialist will solve all your problems after communication with you.


Is There a Minimum and Maximum Amount I Can Deposit?

Yes, there is, it depends on the payment method you choose to deposit.

What Happens if I Have Trouble Making a Deposit?

If you have problems making a deposit, you can contact support and they will help you solve the problem.

What Currencies Are Available at Dafabet?

You can find the following currencies for deposits and withdrawals. CNY / RMB: Chinese Yuan / RMB MYR: Malaysian Ringgit THB: Thai Baht VND: Vietnamese Dong IDR: Indonesian Rupiah KRW: South Korean Won INR: Indian Rupee USD: US Dollar GBP: British Pound EUR: Euro PLN: Polish Zloty RUB: Russian Ruble mBTC: Mini Bitcoin.


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