10 Most Popular Neighborhoods in Brea, CA Today

Brea, CA Today

Buying a home has to be one of the biggest achievements for anyone. However, it requires a lot of research and money to get the home of your dreams. You want to make sure that you pick the right neighborhood, the right house, and for the right price.

Brea, California, is one of the most popular suburbs in Orange County. Many people move there because of the beautiful homes, numerous activities, and good schools. However, most homes can be quite expensive, but it all depends on which side of Brea you want to live on. 

With the right real estate agent and a plan, you can buy your dream house in this highly popular city in Orange County. Below are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Brea, CA.

Popular Neighborhoods in Brea, CA To Look For Brea Homes For Sale

1. North Hills Neighborhood

North Hills is a quiet residential area with beautiful homes and great schools in the neighborhood. The houses are located at the base of the hills with one or two stories. This area is perfect for families, seniors, and even single people. 

Brea homes for sale in this neighborhood start from $600000, depending on the size and design. There are parks, shopping malls, tennis courts, and schools close to the North Hills neighborhood, which is perfect for residents.

2. Olinda Ranch Neighborhood

Olinda Ranch is where you go when you are looking for an upscale neighborhood with landscaped gardens and a peaceful environment. Most of the homes in Olinda Ranch belong to associations that help maintain the area by keeping it safe and clean. The neighborhood has access to city and county parks, and most of the excellent schools in the county are within reach.

3. Country Road Neighborhood

Country Road is a condominium neighborhood in the heart of Brea. The homes are mostly condos, but there are also lofts and townhouses. The area hosts some of the coziest and high-value Brea homes for sale. 

Once you settle here with your family, your kids will have access to schools like Brea Junior High School, William E. Fanning Elementary School, and Brea-Olinda Unified. The neighborhood is also safe, with clean walkways for pedestrians and riders.

4. Corsican Villas Neighborhood

The condos in this neighborhood are breathtaking. They are located within a gated community with over one hundred units and access amenities like pools and tennis courts. The schools in this area are Washington Middle School, Sonora High School, 

La Habra City Elementary and Fullerton Joint Union High School District. 

All those schools are highly rated schools that every parent who buys any Brea homes for sale would love to take their kids. The homes here are between 2 to 4 bedroom houses and the average cost is about $625000.

5. Blackstone Community Neighborhood

Blackstone neighborhood has some of the top-rated schools, making it one of the hottest neighborhoods in Brea. It has grocery stores, hair salons, bars, fitness studios, restaurants, and hospitals. 

This community welcomes different age groups, including seniors and single people. However, Brea homes for sale in this neighborhood are quite pricey. The price could go as high as $1.6m, depending on the location and the size of the house.

6. Walden Estates Neighborhood

Here, the houses you find are luxury homes with different styles and price ranges. Most people come here to look for their dream home, and the quiet and clean streets attract many home buyers. 

The schools are good, and various public places surround the neighborhood with many things to do. The price tag is that of a luxurious area, but it is worth every penny you invest into the home.

7. Fieldstone Terrace Neighborhood

This neighborhood is along the hills of Brea and has large homes with plenty of amenities around them. It has beautiful streets with trees along paths and no through way. That makes the place very quiet and safe because the only people driving around are the residents.

Some public places where kids and adults can hang out in the neighborhood are pools and tennis courts. The people here also hold barbecues to promote the community and get to know each other. Mariposa Elementary School and Brea-Olinda High School are some of the good schools within the area.

8. Brea Canyon Villa Neighborhood

Brea Canyon Villa Neighborhood has ample parking for guests, swimming pools, and trees that make the neighborhood so beautiful. Most houses here are condos that cost between $50000 and $700000. You can access good schools for your kids and other recreational facilities like parks and shopping malls.

9. Country Club Park Neighborhood

The Country Club Park is an entry-level neighborhood in Brea. It has incredible Brea homes for sale that can fit your budget. This area also borders some of the best schools in Brea, making it an excellent place to buy a family home. 

The community in Country Club Park is also welcoming and does not limit anyone from buying a home here. A homeowners association maintains the neighborhood, and members pay for water, trash removal, and snow removal.

10. Eagle Hills Neighborhood

Eagle Hills is another one of the popular and luxurious neighborhoods in Brea, CA. The homes here are costly, but they also match the standard of ideal family homes. There is a great community that maintains traditions like Christmas lights display to keep everyone in the spirit of the holiday. 

Eagle Hills is also near good schools that rank highly in the district. Anyone can purchase their dream home here and settle with their family or alone. The homes are mostly four-bedroom houses with an approximate price of $1.4m.


Brea, California, is a beautiful city with various neighborhoods. There are sides of the city that are much cheaper than others, but every area has its perks. There are good schools, a sense of community and great recreation facilities. 

Browse through the above neighborhoods and start looking for your dream home in the area you like. It would help if you had a good real estate agent and a budget for your next home. Good luck with that. 


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