Different Ways Escape Rooms Make You Smarter

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Wait. What? Did you just say playing escape room games makes me smarter?!  We sure did!  Wanna know how?  Just read on…

What Is An Escape Room?

What exactly is an escape room?  Well, an escape room, also known as an “escape game”, is a physical adventure game in which players are ‘locked’ inside a room and must solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy in order to free themselves—or ‘escape’ within a set timeframe (usually an hour). 

At Hungarian Games, our escape room are immersive experiences that encourage cooperation and teamwork while testing your problem-solving abilities in many ways, including memory, powers of observation, logic, deductive reasoning, and code-breaking. They are educational, cognitively-challenging learning experiences.  Our escape rooms provide a gaming experience like no other. We provide players with a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience that will leave you feeling happy—and smarter!

Smarter? But how??

Each Puzzle You Solve Is Like A Treat For Your Brain

Remember playing those classic old video games like Super Mario where you had to complete puzzles in order to complete each stage? Remember how good it felt to solve those increasingly difficult puzzles and clear the various stages? Well, that’s because when we solve a difficult puzzle or challenge our brains release a chemical called dopamine that leads to a positive mood. It also leads to sharper concentration and improved memory.  Our brain likes to receive these positive physiological responses when we solve a puzzle. In fact, it even craves more dopamine, which motivates us to seek out more difficult, challenging puzzles to solve. So, while you and your friends are having a great time solving puzzles, and you may notice yourself getting better at it.  That’s because your brain is responding and adapting by making you smarter!

Escape Room Games Help You Develop Problem-Solving Skills

They say if you want to be better at anything in life, you need to immerse yourself in that field. Want to be better at sports?  Surround yourself with athletics!  Want to be a better cook? Surround yourself with chefs! Want to improve your problem-solving skills? Come on down to Hungarian Games and solve our exciting and unique puzzles! Being a great problem-solver isn’t necessarily something you’re born with. And natural ability isn’t the only way to be great at solving puzzles.  Like anything in life, it’s a learned skill—and one that you can practice and develop by playing more escape rooms. However, unlike those tedious early morning practices at the rink, or the long hours of lectures in a classroom, escape rooms help you improve your problem-solving skills in the company of your friends while having FUN!  

At Hungarian Games, our escape rooms are a fun thing to do and are filled with unique puzzles that require you to think outside of the box in order to solve them, which means that while you’re playing an escape game you’re learning alternate ways to solve problems in everyday life.  What other activity can you do that allows you to improve your skill without hard work AND while having fun?

Develop Your Eye For Detail

Nothing in an escape room is there by chance. Everything in our escape rooms are there for a reason—even if that reason is to distract you.  While immersed in playing an escape game, people are far more focused and aware than they are in their day-to-day life—and with good reason, because missing even the most minute detail could mean the difference between victory and defeat! 

Attention to detail is an important skill to have in most situations, and doing escape rooms is a fun way to hone and improve that skill. And the best part is, the more you play the better you get! 

You Are Always Learning New Things

As the old-saying goes: you learn something new every day. It is our nature to explore, discover and uncover facts, knowledge, and information. For some, acquiring this knowledge is important for sharing and teaching.  For others, it allows them to wow their friends and be an ace at the pub trivia night.  Usually, acquiring knowledge means reading large, voluminous texts of information. BUT, at Hungarian Games you don’t have to worry about that. Our escape game themes transport you directly into a tangible and immersive environment. An environment that encourages you to physically interact with technology, texts, codes, and puzzles—a truly interactive learning experience like no other. Just remember to share it with your friends!

Give Your Cognitive Processes A Workout

Cognitive processes? Sounds technical, but it’s really just fancy terminology for how we go about acquiring new knowledge. When we travel to a new place and venture into the unknown of a temple or a science lab and find ourselves in a situation, we must take on new knowledge. But it can be expensive and time-consuming to buy tickets and book hotels. Instead at Hungarian games you can experience the next best thing and book an exclusive “trip” to Egypt to discover the Secrets of the Great Pyramid, or take an adventure to a far off land to rescue your friends from the evil Sorcerer’s Lair Where you can develop your eye for detail and critical thinking skills while acquiring new knowledge and polishing those teamwork skills while you’re working with your friends towards solving a common goal!  And once you conquer the challenge, you are given a sudden boost in your ability to absorb and apply the new knowledge. Oh, and you’re sure to have a lot of FUN along the way!

Hungarian Games

At Hungarian Games we have embraced the evolution of escape rooms by introducing our second-generation, immersive themed escape rooms.  If you’re looking for things to do in UAE that don’t involve the simplistic experience of padlocks, keys and codes, our premium escape game themes offer gameplay like no other. We test your problem-solving abilities in many ways, including memory, powers of observation, logic, deductive reasoning, and code-breaking. 

Our 4 indoor escape themes are family-friendly and suitable for most ages and combined can accommodate up to 32 players. Choose from 4 immersive themes; Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Sorcerer’s Lair, Zombie Apocalypse and Rosewood Manor. Players will be locked in a private themed-room, and must work together to discover exciting clues and solve challenging puzzles in order to ‘escape’ within 60 minutes.

Looking for a fun outdoor activity to do in Dubai? Try one of our outdoor escape games from Cluetivity, an action-packed adventure for families, friends and colleagues!  It combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching, and live-escape-games with Augmented Reality technology, into a new outdoor team building games. The gameplay is simple: navigate to places around Dubai with a preprogrammed iPad, interact with virtual avatars, unravel tricky puzzles with your action pack, and complete your quest. Choose from two themes; Magic Portal or our spy game, Operation Mindfall! Our outdoor escape games can accommodate 50+ people at a time and can be customized for special events.

And that’s how escape rooms can make you smarter! Are you ready to give your brain a workout and a sweet treat?  Book now.


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