Employees returning to the office? Stay safe with this Virtual Social Distancing Tool.

Social Distancing

Office management software is a type of business management software that allows companies and organizations to improve office productivity and efficiency. Office management software can help companies, organizations, and employees improve office productivity and efficiency while practicing social distancing. Different features of office management include: communication tool, time and energy-saving, employee management, absence management, offers security, document tracking and sharing, accessible anywhere, and it helps in finishing pending official work. offers security, document tracking and sharing, accessible anywhere, and it helps in finishing pending official work.

A full description of the futures and how they are mixed in this social distancing tool in the office 

1. Communication Tool 

One of the key functions of Office management software is to act as a communication tool. This allows employees to communicate with each other and share data. It also allows managers to communicate with their employees when they are far away from each other because of the nature of their work.

2. Time and Energy Saving 

This software allows one to access all of the office documents from anywhere in the world by saving time and energy that is usually spent traveling to the office daily. This is because it has a virtual office feature called the virtual private network (VPN) which helps employees to connect with each other and work on projects from their homes.

3. Employee Management

Office management software helps in employee management as one can keep a track of their working hours, manage leaves, attendance, and other related data. In this way, employees cannot easily escape from coming to work if they are not well or have some other urgent issues at home. Therefore helping the office to stay functional even if some employees are not present.

4. Offers Security 

The office management software provides a secure platform for communication and data sharing by eliminating the need for physical presence. This ensures that data is not compromised and information shared over this platform remains confidential. This helps to keep the confidential data of the company safe from unauthorized access by any external source.

5. Document Tracking and Sharing

The office management software also enables employees to track and share documents. This is helpful in case of presentations or when team members need to work on a single document. This is done with the help of the OneDrive feature which helps employees to store, track and share documents on their individual accounts.

6. Accessible Anywhere

One can access all the office documents from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. As this software is connected to the internet and all the information and data shared over it is protected by encryption, one can easily access it from anywhere without any fear of information leak.

7. Helps Finish Pending Official Work

This software can also be used to complete the pending official work of the employees. This can be done from the comfort of their home and without having to take leave from work. The first step is to install the software on your device. After that, you need to create an account and then login into it. Once you have logged in, your device will show all the pending work from the office. You need to check them and start working on them. When you complete the work, click the “Done” button in the software. This will notify your office that you have completed the task and they can take it offline.

All in all, office management software can be a great social distancing tool in the office. It helps in maintaining a healthy and secure work environment for the employers and employees.


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