Things to remember when you paint your home

paint your home

Painting your new dream home is one of the most exciting steps in the journey of moving into a new home. A beautiful home with a good structure just doesn’t look right with chipping and peeling paint. As you put together your painting project plan, jot down key items to create a working checklist.

When it comes to painting projects, the prep work is just as important as the actual paint application. Different types of paint can be used to offer a wide range of effects while protecting your walls. Shop online for all your home painting needs and check out Berger paints price here. Below are simple painting tips that will help you achieve a regret-proof painting project.

Hire a pro – You may even think of painting your house by yourself, but painting the walls requires perfection in every aspect. So, it is highly recommended that you engage a team of experienced workers who pay close attention to details and deliver the best solutions for your home. A highly trained professional team combined with high-quality products will help in maintaining the life and quality of the building. Experts suggest that paint-and-primer combinations are fine if you already have a clean, smooth surface

Remember to waterproof – Many waterproofing issues wake up during monsoon seasons such as moisture in walls, a deposit of fungus on exterior walls, and more. High moisture levels from your terrace can cause structural damage and also cause the growth of mold and mildew which can give rise to health issues. Waterproofing your home protects the walls from creating a seepage. A coat of waterproof paint for terrace will make maintenance tasks simpler and assures you of a safer, dry, and much more comfortable living space.

Choose colours that inspire you – The colours you choose will largely determine the visual appeal of your home.

It is better to paint the ceiling white as it will reflect the light and make the rooms appear bigger. Pastel shades give a pleasant feeling to your rooms whereas cool hues transform your bedroom into a comfort zone. Having an accent wall in a contrasting shade is followed as the latest trend. Gloss-painted walls are easier to clean compared to matte paint though it shows off the irregularities on the walls. A good paint may cost a little more, but it will last longer and will also add depth and richness.

So, before you start painting your living room you need to make sure you’ve done your due diligence and taken the appropriate steps. We hope that these tips will make your house painting project easier and more efficient.


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