Essential things to know about W88

Essential things to W88


What is W88?

W88 tends to be an online gaming site. It offers sports betting, slot games, casinos, arcade options, and many others. It provides a reliable platform for wagers to accomplish fast and safe transactions. Every sport better wants a trustworthy website to place the bets. It offers a wide range of games and sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Cycling, MMA, Boxing, and many more.

If we talk about the best thing about W88, are the odds of the greatest football leagues as well as tournaments. It offers the odds for the premier league, champion league, Europa League, and more. Being a player, you can choose more than 300 different tournaments by using the W88 sports betting website.  

W88 Deposits and withdrawals

If you’re playing from Malaysia, you do not need to be worried about payment methods. It is easier for you because you do not need to pay the currency conversion fees. But you have to consider the best payment method according to your requirement and preferences.

Here are few platforms that are helpful to make payments at W88, such as:

  • Bank transfer
  • Wpay
  • Quickpay
  • Wepay

However, Neteller and Skrill are not acceptable now to make payment for W88. When we talk about withdrawal methods, bank transfer tends to be the fastest and easiest way. It is essential to provide valid information to withdrawal the money from your bank. You can conveniently withdrawal the amount between 15to 30 minutes. While playing sports betting and line casino games, you can use these methods.  

W88 Compatible for smartphone users

If you’re the pioneer in the world of sports betting, you need to do practice before playing for real money. W88 also offers access for mobile users. Mobile users can enjoy live casino games, sports betting as well as online slots. 

There is no doubt that playing through mobile is much convenient. You can play anytime, anywhere. You just need internet access to play the online casino through your smartphones. You can also get the demo account and do practices go through that how to place bets online.

Customer support

It is fact that the trend of sports betting and online live casinos are increasing dramatically. People are in search of a reliable and trustworthy website that offers the best customer support. W88 is one of them that offers the best services to their players. W88 offer their services by using several channels, such as Live chat, Wechat, Skype, Email, and others.

W88 promotion and bonus

If you want to place the bet through W88, make sure to check the bonus and promotion. You can get the opportunity to get a bonus from W88. If you’re opening a new account, you can get a welcome bonus. 

Moreover, you can prefer the extra cash offer or give-away offer. W88 Malaysian sports betting website offers larger as compared to European casino sites. So it is a great opportunity for wagers to place a bet through W88.


To sum up all, W88 consider as one of the best sites to play live casino games as well as sports betting. You can enjoy a wide range of games and sport by using this site.


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