Five effective SEO strategies to gain quality customers and improve rankings

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Do you want your website to gain a good rank in search engines?


Have you ever thought about what you need to do to attract more visitors?

The answer is very simple; you can use SEO strategies and tools to ensure that your website visibility and visitor count increases. 

What are the main channels through which customers visit a website?

  • Referrals

This is the most common way of finding a website. Usually, customers use referral links to visit different websites.

  1. Hit and trial

In this process, customers use search engines to find an answer to their queries. Let us say a customer is looking for a dress online. She has no option other than checking out websites and comparing prices. Once she finds an apt website, she revisits that website later in the future for other purchases.

  1. Social media 

When people use social media platforms, they come across many website links and promotions. When customers find something interesting, they usually click over it and visit the websites.

  1. Paid ads

When you use search engines, did you notice advertisements being in the centre or towards the right side of the search engines? These are examples of paid ads that are preferred by many website owners to promote their sites. Many customers simply click those ads to know more about the websites. 

  1. Common links

People share these links over different networks. For instance, you might have come across links being circulated over WhatsApp. 

What are simple SEO strategies that you can use to attract quality customers?

  1. Create relevant content

Nobody likes reading boring content!

So make sure you write relevant content and add SEO oriented keywords in it. This helps to increase the website ranking and easily attracts organic traffic. You can customize the key phrase and Meta tags for better user experience and visibility of your website.

  1. Add links to your content

The best way to optimize your content as per SEO trends is to increase the number of quality links. There are two types of links, which you may add to your content:

  • Outbound link-the links directing to blogs other than your website
  • Inbound link-the links directing readers to other blogs of your website

This is a good method of engaging the readers and increasing their revisits to your websites.

  1. Add SEO elements

These days there are many upcoming websites!

It is tough to make a customer revisit your website frequently. The best way you can attract a customer and decrease the bounce rate is by adding SEO elements to the website. SEO elements like images and media help to increase the number of visitors.

  1. Activate your social media platforms

If you are the owner of a website, try increasing the authority of websites through social media. Keep in touch with the public by updating your content regularly. The best way to promote your business is to create various social profiles and posts about your products and services, this helps to attract customers. Make sure you add SEO related keywords in your social content.

  1. Follow ethical pathways

Please ensure you follow ethical pathways before applying any SEO related strategy, tools, or techniques. Many times people simply stuff keywords in their content with the intent to increase their rankings, which is illegal. Therefore, do in-depth research before applying any other SEO strategy and check its compatibility.

What are the things you must avoid to attract quality customers for your website?

  1. Avoid private blog network

A private blogging network depicts various domains that point out to your website. 

Creating a private blog network shall surely decrease your customer’s traffic and ranking. In worst cases, you might have to pay a penalty.

  1. Avoid link farms

Link farms are nothing but a page that displays over a dozen of web links to increase the SEO rating. This could lead to the banning of your website.

  1. Avoid Hidden elements and texts

Few website owners stuff SEO keywords, elements, and texts in their content so that they can obtain better visibility. For instance – writing content and including a bunch of SEO oriented keywords that have the same color of the page background. The users might not be able to read such texts whereas search engine crawlers can read those texts and use them for ranking the website illegally.

  1. Avoid Copyright material

Even though there are, many sources of reference all over the internet for a particular topic- make it a point to avoid copying the written material directly to your website.


Although improving your website rankings and attracting customers using SEO techniques could be a cumbersome task, with the help of SEO professionals or companies or those who provide local SEO packages, managing SEO related work can be easier. 


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