Gift card-Check New Packaging Design which are Trending

Box in a card 1
Box in a card 1

Nothing can glorify the persona of gift cards than creatively designed gift card boxes. They are strong and durable, so people have a lasting memory when they get these. They can be manufactured in numerous styles. Mostly they have a rectangular shape with a foldable lid. They can also be manufactured with magnetic closure. Many of them have artistic graphical designs and eye-catching color schemes. Some of them are decorated with innovative items of cardboard sheets or a ribbon. Die-cut window enhances their look and showcase in style. Laminated ones can protect the item from external hazards. Gift card boxes are widely used packaging to pack gift cards all over the world. They are versatile and can be manufactured in numerous designs. Their numerous styles and shapes are available in the market. Let us see these 6 top designs that are trending these days.

Sleeve packaging

This type of small gift card boxes are gaining huge popularity. They are made up of two parts. The first part is a sleeve that covers the second part, which is a tray or a plain package. The second part contains the card. The first part is designed with illustrations and images. The secondary part is generally printed with plain colors. This style is liked by many people. The following are some of its advantages.


  • Unique and beautiful presentation.
  • Astonishing style glorifies the look of the item.
  • The receiver gets an amazing unboxing experience.

Personalized die-cut window package 

Gift card boxes can be manufactured with an exciting die-cut window. This style of packaging is also very famous among people of almost all ages and gender. The die-cut window that is personalized according to the event can make a lasting impression. There are many packages available in the market that match most of the celebrations and events like cake shape window for birthdays, tree shape for Christmas, egg shape for Easter, heart shape for Valentine’s Day, and many more. This can amaze people and showcase the item inside in a stylish manner. The following are some of its advantages.


  • The showcase of the item in a stylish manner
  • They can personalize according to specific event or celebrations

Shoulder box

This type of packaging is gaining popularity. It is manufactured with three parts. A base, a lid, and a tray. The tray is fixed in the base, and then the lid is placed on the tray that seals the package. The base and the lid have the same design and color, but the tray generally has a contrast color, so when the package is sealed, a prominent line between lid and base is visible. This gives an elegant design to the package, and it becomes an excellent choice to present the gift card. This can be a bit costly, so people buy gift card boxes bulk to reduce the cost. The following are some of its advantages.


  • It has a unique design.
  • The package is sealed airtight.
  • It delivers excellent value to the receiver.

Dual encasement design

Packaging Design

Many businesses manufacture the packaging in dual encasement to give maximum protection to the items. But the double encasement can be manufactured to glorify the look of the items as well. It consists of two parts. One is a box, and the other is an insert of cardboard that is made to fix the product and glorify its look inside the package. The insert can be printed in a way that points towards the card or strengthens the message written in it. This style can be a bit costly; that is why many people buy gift card boxes wholesale to reduce the cost. These are its advantages.


  • Protect the item during transportation.
  • Help in effectively communicating the message

Packaging with decorative materials

Many people like to show care to their loved ones. This style of rigid packaging allows them to show it appropriately. People love to wrap the ribbon around the package to decorate them. Many other things can be made from ribbon that is attached to their lid. Many people make cardboard decorations like a flower, heart, and many other things that are fixed on the packaging. In this way, people show respect and care for their loved ones. The following are some of its advantages. 


  • It is an excellent idea when the receiver is a kid, but it is not just limited to kids.
  • The ordinary package can be made a stylish one by using decorations.

Magnetic closure packaging

This style of packaging is generally liked by the elite class. These boxes are made up of cardboard stock and magnetic closure used to open and close them. This has consisted of a base and a foldable or removable lid that have a magnet in it. This magnet, when coming in contact with the magnet of the base, seals the box completely. This package can be reused by the receiver in daily life. The following are some of its advantages.


  • It can be reused by the people.
  • It is very easy to open and close.
  • It is a premium packaging.

Custom gift card boxes have may styles that can satisfy the need of almost all people. But you needed to get an idea about the most popular ones. That is why we concluded these 6 top designs that are trending as well as gaining worldwide popularity.


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